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01-19-2014, 02:48 AM

I was musing on the idea of discoverability, and I came up with an idea that is either stupid or brilliant. You decide.

I was thinking of a way to promote that puts the writing at the forefront, and I came up with this...

FOGLAND is going to be a series of weekly podcasts. Each episode features a short story from a different writer.

But there's a link.

Every story is set in the world of FOGLAND. This is a mythical town where, owing to its geographical location, fog descends on over two hundred days of the year.

Writers can either expand on characters and story lines in previous episodes of Fogland or create new ones in their stories. And it can be written in any style. The title must include a Fogland street name (which the writer devises).

When each episode has been written, I record it and distribute it on the weekly Fogland podcast.

At the end of the podcast, listeners are encouraged to explore other works by the featured author.

At the same time, the author can publish the text version of their story in online stores.

The author can charge for that book or go the perma-free route. It's up to them. They can also embed the podcast on their own website and use it for promotion, or elsewhere.

I've run this past a few writers so far, and people seem very excited by the project.

The website is up and I've recorded my own Fogland story, which can be heard on the website (it will be on iTunes soon). The website is at www.fogland.net. I'm planning to make at least twelve of these, by twelve different authors, maybe more.

Let me know your views and whether you're interested.

01-19-2014, 03:42 AM
I like the website Mark.

It's a nice idea, however...

1/ Other online mags offer author exposure. They range from highly visible to obscure, from paid to unpaid. Therefore the concept of Fogland needs to clearly differentiate from other author options.

I would suggest that you offer greater detail of this world and offer writers a chance to fill the outline you offer. For example, describe the town/ place in greater detail, possibly some characters, possibly the unique elements of Fogland - is it an 'unreachable' island, a place where the broken arrive, a hideaway, a refuge for the visionary, a place for the damned, etc, etc.

' the author can publish the text version of their story in "online stores".

The author can charge for that book or go the perma-free route

I assume you mean that the author retains full rights and are free to sell their work as a self-published author.

That's fine, but in order to mkt this idea, you might add that the advantage for an author is that their work will be part of the Fogland world narrative.

In short, offer authors a clear reason why they would want to participate - rather than opt for the many other online mag, or indeed self pub options.

In conclusion, I think it would work, if, as I say, you push the coherent one unique world concept aspect more definitively

01-19-2014, 03:53 AM
two things, i couldn't link from AW, so I typed in the address.

secondly, you have given some description - which hadn't loaded when I was on it earlier, which is good. But I think you should offer much more - and in the same way that a mag might have a theme for a month/ issue, you should likewise offer an amount of theme options which will alos act as writing prompts for authors.

eg, 1/ a young romance destroyed by the past/ a vicious parent/ an unexpected arrival.
2/ blood on the high street shop window, a smashed pram on the side walk.
3/ The Bad Day Fog - which happens once in a while - when the fog is so thick you could carve it with a knife, if you only had a knife...




ETA 2 You might be better asking for this thread to be moved to non-paying markets, as that's what you're proposing essentially, and prob get better response.

Ari Meermans
01-19-2014, 05:31 AM
Fyi, Mark, your link doesn't work.

Since this isn't strictly promotion of your own stories but rather a proposed platform for additional authors, I'll be moving this thread once the best place for it is determined.


ETA: Moving to non Paying Markets. Everyone knows the drill: Hands and feet inside the car while the thread is in motion.

01-19-2014, 11:27 AM
Hi Hanson,

The lack of detail about the world of Fogland is intentional.

What I want to do is let the world of Fogland evolve as each story is written, and to give contributing writers as much freedom as possible. It's a little different, and maybe a little risky, but I think that's a good thing.

Rather than thinking of it as an ongoing narrative, it's more a collection of short stories sharing a setting.

And aside from this exciting creative challenge, I think authors should take part because of the cross-promotional opportunities. Every writer is promoting every other writer's work.

I'd like Fogland to become a badge of quality, a place where people will discover talented writers they haven't come across before.

Lindy Moone
03-13-2014, 01:05 PM
I am proud to have the second story up in Fogland! It's called The Harbinger of Gloom Street (http://www.fogland.net/episodes.html), and Cappy was great to work with. (Even squawked like a raven and did accents for my very quirky story -- what a trouper!)

Writing a story that would be podcast by someone with a great voice was exciting. Writing for the spoken word honed my skills.

I heartily recommend writing for Fogland; Cappy even gives you a free cover for your own self-pubbed ebook of your story, all proceeds from which go to you.

04-30-2014, 08:10 PM
Interesting concept!