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12-29-2013, 09:01 PM
Hello Fellow E-pubbers!

Sometime in 2013 I made the decision to self-publish. After virtually rummaging through articles, resources, forums, and blogs, I am still lost in a kaleidoscope of e-pub confusion, with many of my questions centered around format.

Part of this lies in the fact that all the books I plan to publish will be very visual. I'm also an old-school print enthusiast and thus lacking in technological knowledge of the Nook and Kindle worlds. As an artist, I am looking to post chapter illustrations throughout my first book (and most likely the stories that follow.)
With that being said, I think I would love to find an Epub mentor who can walk me through the process, keep in contact via e-mail, or maybe format the books for me (if it's easy for them.) Again, I am a n00b so I am not sure how long it takes for seasoned e-pubbers! I am hoping to publish Nook, Kindle, and print versions of the same book.

In return for Mr. or Ms. Mentor's help, I'd offer reviews and website illustrations (up to 5 characters), a header, or a couple illustrations or ads for the book, maybe an epub cover if they can format for me/make the process easy for a technology-impaired retro fanatic like myself. My style is usually cartoon, Disney, whimsical, or anime, so it would probably be a better deal for someone looking for this type of work to add to their story or promotional plan.

Thanks for any responses! Feel free to ask any questions/PM me if you are interested!

www.lltisdel.com (http://www.lltisdel.com)

Book Info:
Light Paranormal Romance/Humor/Mystery