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12-26-2013, 08:11 AM
I wanted to finish my novel by the end of the year but I'm doubtful that will happen at this point. I just switched to a new job two weeks ago but have been wrapping up the old job for three weeks prior to that. It's been emotionally exhausting - bittersweet really. I will miss the old job, the old library, the coworkers that I've spent the last seven years working with...but I'm also really excited about the new job and all the possibilities.

With all that going in, I've been too exhausted to do more than the basics of every day life. You know, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the husband and daughter. And prepping myself for a bigger more important job.

But I'm conflicted. I'm excited about the job but missing my writing time which was sacrificed due to a longer commute. Now that I'm two weeks in, I'm plotting various ways to squeeze in time to write because I miss it so much and two months is too long to go without.

Does anyone recommend any voice to text software that they'd recommend? I think my hour commute would be ideal for working. Thanks!


Siri Kirpal
12-26-2013, 08:31 AM
Sat Nam! (Literally "Truth Name"--a Sikh greeting)

No info on software. But congrats and best wishes on the new job!


Siri Kirpal

12-27-2013, 06:02 PM
Don't know about the software, but you could start with a small voice recorder from which to transcribe later.

Good luck with the new job and with getting back into steady writer's mode!