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12-23-2013, 09:11 PM
I write both metaphysical non-fiction and fantasy fiction. The non-fiction is pretty much self-explanatory.

On the fiction, my recent YA fantasy features a Wiccan MC. The coven is loosely based on some of the covens I've been part of, and the trad the MC follows is based in part, on mine.

Yes, it's a fantasy, so there are "fantastical" elements - the Sidhe show up and want to kidnap her brother. However I wanted to keep the magick that the MC and her group use as close to real magick as possible. So no giant flashy fireballs, no lightning bolts. And no shooting magic missle at the darkness. :D

The Sidhe themselves are far less powerful than they might be back in Faery, surrounded as they are with the (comparitively) mana-poor human realm. Even so, their magick is still strong compared to the human characters. They ride bicycles and horses (and on one occasion a stag) since they don't have time to learn to drive. They are "allergic" to cold (hand forged) iron but lucky for them, most of our modern steel is so degraded with other metals/minerals that it doesn't cause them much problem. (The MCs eventually cop to this and go around hunting up antique nails, fire pokers and the like.)

How about the rest of you?

12-23-2013, 11:13 PM
The biggest influence on my writing is--at least I hope I can do it--to honestly appreciate and honor the belief system of whatever character I'm writing. The general respect between pagans for each other's practices and rites is a good example in that regard.

I write Fantasy, from epic, to historical, to urban. Some of my worlds have a created religion, which I try to make into a real religion, not just a series of myths and stories and a rite here and there, but things that actually effect their day-to-day lives and views of things. In real-world settings, characters are often Christian because that's what the culture was. Though I'm no longer a Christian, I need to honor and respect that religion as well as any I might personally practice because that's what is natural for that character to know and believe in. Doing anything less is to less the character and the story.

I strive to do this because I've seen too many authors who struggle to "do right" by some other religion other than their own and, while they might get facts right, fail to convince me that this character actually does hold those beliefs, since the author's own prejudice against it leaks through. (And I've seen this with probably Christian authors writing pagans, as well as pagan authors writing Christians, FWIW.)

The other thing it's done for me is to inform me of different kinds of magical thinking. There's the wand-waving standards of traditional Fantasy, but there's also various kinds of ceremonial magics, herbal magics, infusing magic into items, etc. Magic doesn't have to be limited to feel real. It's very freeing, seeing the different traditions and interpretations.

12-27-2013, 01:36 AM
I used to just write romance for fun, but got a real kick out of what I'm writing now. It's a romance with a witchy heroine. I kept it mild first time out. I never really thought it would be fun and so easy, but it is. I'm enjoying it a lot and hope to try and get it out there next year. With the help of a couple beta's that I have now, I should be able to make it better and readable! LOL.

I was so happy to discover this forum at AW. =D

12-27-2013, 07:52 AM
I adapted the concepts of the Thews as the basis for my characters community structure and identity and their world view.