View Full Version : Call for Submissions! Hammers: Extra-musical sounds

12-10-2013, 10:52 PM
Hello everyone!

A friend and I in our PhD English program have started a sound/music related online magazine, and our submissions are open. Sample reviews/interviews are on our site for anyone who's interested. For now the site is unpaid, but we hope to change this in the future. Thank you for your time!


Hammers began during the fall of 2013 in the English Department of Indiana University. The review, through monthly issues featuring articles, reviews, and interviews, hopes to expand the scope of traditional music reviews and articles in both approach and subject matter. As such, Hammers may be seen as more “sound review” than “music review.” This distinction allows our writers to engage with sound in its broader complexities and applications, especially in its intersection with disparate modes of artistic and cultural life.

Guidelines for Submissions:

Writers who share this ambition may submit reviews or essays between 500 and 2000 words as an attached Word file, MLA style, to co-editors Abby Ang (aang[at]indiana.edu) and Kevin Rynn (kcrynn[at]gmail.com). Please query before submitting essays or interviews, and follow the format of published reviews. Reviewers must include pertinent information like year of publication and any publishing press/record label information.