View Full Version : Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray Set kickstarter

Mark Moore
12-01-2013, 08:14 AM
I'm not running this (although I plan to donate tomorrow). It's being run by Robert J. Woodhead of Animeigo. He's been in the stateside anime business for a long time, and his company is the one that brought the original "Bubblegum Crisis" over to North America.

Now, he's turning to Kickstarter to fund a Blu-Ray set of the cyberpunk classic. It's not just raising money though (even though they were able to meet, and eventually double, their initial goal in an insanely short amount of time). It's a crowdsource project. Backers will have input in how the funds are used. There's a link to a forum that has been set up to discuss every aspect of this release. There's discussion of packaging, subtitles, extras - you name it. There are supporters of an English soundtrack album release. There are people that want the related series included ("AD Police Files" might be a possibility, but "Bubblegum Crash!" likely isn't, and "Parasite Dolls" is held by another company, so it definitely isn't).

So, if you want to see the Knight Sabers do battle and rock out in hi-def, check out the link: