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11-24-2013, 03:02 PM
This is short notice and likely only of interest to UK authors, hence why I am posting it in this forum rather than in a more general one (mods feel free to move it if you like).

I have been contacted by the organisers of the Leeds Steampunk Market. They have an event on this coming weekend (Saturday) in Leeds and they have a couple of stalls free at a cost of 25 for a day. They promise a high throughfare of people and based on past events I am inclined to agree with them on this.

Details here:


The event runs from 12pm on Saturday until 5pm at the White Cloth gallery in Leeds (apparently this is ten mins walk from the train station...).

You can contact the organiser (Hoo Doo events) through the facebook group above or send me a PM and I can put you in touch.

I already have a stall (sharing with two other Manchester based writers - we did not feel we had enough to fill a table each) and will be around at the event. Am already looking forward to it and currently intend to be there in costume (if I can find time to iron my dress shirt...).

I think this is a good opportunity for authors to sell books, meet potential readers and do signings and other things with an audience of fantasy, SF and Steampunk fans.

Note, the event is marketed as Steampunk but they are accepting authors and traders from other genres too. There is a lot of crossover between Steampunk and other fantasy, SF and similar areas and costume is not compulsory (though I think there may be an entry price reduction on the door if you are dressed... may need to check that...)