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10-31-2013, 04:07 PM
Hi everyone,

My current WIP is an urban fantasy of around 75k. I am looking for beta readers mostly to check for grammar and punctuation, and to generally make it a more readable piece. I am more than happy to swap but I can only give reviews from a readers point of view and not an editor. The synopsis is below, if you are interested please PM me.
Water is almost non existent in the five kingdoms within the underground world of New Realm. People are dying. The five lords decide that it's time for them to return to the surface world which they abandoned seven hundred years ago.

As soon as the scouting team enter the surface they encounter an old enemy, the beast riding Druids of the Red Forest, and an old acquaintance, the clan of Nescor. Both of which were thought to be extinct. The lords decide to use an ancient power left behind from a by gone age to face their new danger.

While searching for a fresh source of water the scouting party led by the young lord of Arcana is imprisoned by the Nescorions. Who then precedes by taking them to the city of Nescor to face judgement for a seven hundred year old crime.