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10-26-2013, 08:46 PM
Hi all!
This year I'm participating in NaNoWriMo and I have a huge favor to ask..
Would any of you like to be my beta reader? Updates need to be done fast due to NaNoWriMo.

I write for a long time and I think that most of the errors I made in the past are corrected, but I'm not so sure.

I'm a Girl form the netherlands who prefers to write in English, that's why I'm not so sure if everything is correct

My summary:
One teenage girl. Lots of problems.
Due to her problems she isolates herself, other children don't understand and bully her.
On flash of a thought made her change schools and she decides to find a group she can sit with. She found one, but to her dismay....... The group is full with idiots. The Joker, The Geek, The Whiner, The Child, The Sleeper and now her.. The Silent One.
She didn't expect that The Joker would try to know her. Most of all that she will fall in love with a girl. The group changes her, but how do you get along with a bunch of idiots? Don't think, just get along...

Is it something?

Thanks a lot ^^

10-26-2013, 08:53 PM
First off, welcome to AW. Part of the story seem interesting to me, such as the nicknames for the characters instead of their names, but I myself wouldn't ever beta for someone I'm not familiar with, and there are may others on here with the same sentiment.

What would convince many people on here is if you acquainted yourself with the forum, participated in threads, and once you got to 50 posts, put a sample up in 'Share your work'. The reason is, many people are happy to help a fellow writer but before committing their time, would like to know a bit of their writing style first, how they respond to criticism (are they even going to say thank you?) and if they are not just here to make use of whatever or whomever they can and that's it...

Hope you understand and plan to stick around. Good luck!

10-26-2013, 09:03 PM
OK, Thanks for the quick respond! Yeah, maybe that's a good idea. Will do.
Hopefully we will get along fine :) So well yeah.. I'm off to explore some more