View Full Version : Writing buddy for a video game project

10-14-2013, 11:47 PM
This is a rather unusual one, but I'm looking for a writing partner for a visual novel script (essentially it's a book in the form of a game, with music, pictures and multiple story branches.) Note that this is a rather casual request, (hence the use of 'buddy') and there's no pay involved at this stage.

The story is aimed at young adults/teens and dabbles in the realm of slice of life and romance, with hints of supernatural.

I'm currently around 22 000 words at full, and essentially I'm looking for someone who can not only give me feedback but also participate in the writing itself. Of course, I won't reject anyone who just wants to give it a read either. You should be comfortable with the aforementioned genres and writing in first person. Finally, I'm comfortable with trades too, within the limits of my own skills.

As for the project itself, I'm planning to go commercial eventually, in which case a co-writer would also receive a share of the profits, but unpaid at the moment, indie/casual and whatnot.