View Full Version : Beta Reader(s) Needed for Adventure/Mid-Fantasy YA

10-07-2013, 02:03 AM
Hey all,

Looking for a basic-feedback beta for my 430 page manuscript. It's finished a bit long at 130K words, been fairly edited and has some basic formating.
I'd prefer some lovers of the Fantasy genera; LOTR, Chronicles of Prydain, Game of Thrones, Inheritance Cycle, that crowd.

Basic look at the book: Baethon's sister has been abducted by the forces of a shadowy power, one who intends to use her elemental abilities to his own whim and conquest. Alone and hurt, Baethon does the only thing he can do and follows, accompanied by the local bartender. Along the way, he meets a secret-keeping adventurer, a land-bound pirate and a dark elf, all who agree to help him in his search. But what starts out as a heroic, yet simple quest thickens into something that is anything but.

If interested, PM me and I'll send you more info, the entire MS if you so desire.
Let me know!

EDIT: Oh yeah, definitely open to swap! I've been a beta a few times before, just within my friend circle.