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09-07-2013, 09:33 PM
Hi All,

I run a non-reciprocal review group. I have openings now for new members. It is non-reciprocal, you don't review those who review you.

You must be a published author

You must be willing to do four reviews to get four reviews in turn. This is done in rounds, so you don't have to do four, then wait to get four, you are assigned who you review.

Be willing to read any genre, I do have one PG group and one XXX group.

Give honest reviews per the rules of the group.

Be over 18

Be willing to stay with the commitment you make. It is by invitation only, so if you sign up, then you will be on a review team, no lurkers.

Please IM me (or post the info here), with your name, book title, publisher name, and email, I will then add you to the pool we will draw from. Openings are limited.