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08-31-2013, 02:28 PM
I am ready to start an empire, are you ?

Every great empire starts with a single corner stone.

|_| <- This is what you are looking at.

I wrote and published my first 2000 word children's book Ellie Rides. This took me only 13 years.

Why did it take me so long.

1)I had to wait until technology caught up.
2)I was born ahead of my time.
3)I have working as a computer programmer and recently decided to go independent and self sufficient as a lifestyle choice.
4) A lot of other reasons which I will no longer bore you with.

Ellie Rides is not published in a traditional sense, I wrote it as an interactive App for IPad and have submitted it to ITunes IStore to be published. It should be released very soon. I did the writing, animation and programming. I outsourced the illustrations and the audio narration. I am working on an Android version now.

The book is aimed at the four to seven year old age group, and I want to continue to target this segment. I have an idea for a series and I think this could get big quickly once I get some momentum.

What I am looking for now is someone with whom I can collaborate with, for the writing. Someone who will write and so I can concentrate on the technology side, and the business development.

I am ready to also publish your books in this age group, in the same manner. I am also looking for translators and voice over artists in non English languages.

So think of this as a startup opportunity a chance to maybe succeed together me or maybe fail, but sure to have fun trying.

Please share your ideas, critiques and thoughts with me.

What do you think ? Am I destined to failure, am I on a path to success.

Come walk with me !