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Donnie Marsh
07-30-2013, 02:30 AM
This was a pretty popular thread on my old board.
The rules:

No hostile messages.
Don't post for whom the message is for. Ask in PMs if you must.
Multiple messages may be for the same person.
Keep it fun!

I'll start:

Thank you for that private message. As I said, it really was today I needed to read something like that. I hope to return the favor soon.
I think you're really cute even though you're hard on yourself. I will never reveal this to you.
You run a tight ship and I wish I had been around AW when I had my board because I could have learned a lot.
You so rock. I love our back-and-forth.
DANG! We seem to get along fine so far. What may surprise you is we have similar spiritual beliefs.
I'm unsure how to take that post--still--so I'll ignore it, as you said to.
You intimadate me and that's not easy to do.

07-30-2013, 02:41 AM
Wow...all of them for me. I'm flattered!

07-30-2013, 02:44 AM
Well, dragons do like to intimidate. And I can cope with being cute.

07-30-2013, 03:05 AM

07-30-2013, 08:47 AM
How is it anonymous when we're posting under our own names?

Anyhoot. Ahem.

YOU! Yeah, YOU!

You make me laugh.:e2arms:

07-30-2013, 08:51 AM
If someone anonymously messages me, will that affect the sales of my novel?

Anyway, whoever you are, you ROCK!


07-30-2013, 08:53 AM
What a cute idea!

* Hey, you! You can come back in again - no-one will tease you. Just take things slow and get to know people and it'll be fine.


* Hey, you with the Lake! Nice things should happen to you :)

07-30-2013, 06:38 PM
Well, bless your heart - I think you're pretty cool too...

(although I think that coloring book thing is kinda kinky) :tongue

07-30-2013, 06:56 PM
You were my mentor when I first stepped into AW and I want to thank you. You were always very helpful and supportive--s6

07-30-2013, 07:53 PM
Great :idea:, but wouldn't a more accurate thread title be: "Leave a message for an anonymous AWer"?


You know who you are, always there for me, always helpful or offering a kind word when I tick off everyone else. :ty:

Alpha Echo
07-30-2013, 07:56 PM
Great :idea:, but wouldn't a more accurate thread title be: "Leave a message for an anonymous AWer"?


Here we go...

Thank you for your interesting arguments. You've forced me to look at things differently, even if I didn't really want to, and in doing so, I would like to think I've become ever slightly more intelligent and aware.

Donnie Marsh
07-30-2013, 08:08 PM
Gah! You got me!
I've spent the last 20 minutes or so going through your posts. Glad I'm not the only person you attack daily. My attitude on the validity of your veiled insults went from, Why are they attacking me? to *eyeroll*. Sorry you feel the need to be bitter. I hope life gets better for you.
And you. Seriously? What the fuck? I've just lost myself for an hour reading your blog. Like, I can't even. PEN a memoir. That's an order, damnit! :)
Yes, it's a shitty club we won't ever be free from. My advice? Write about it. It certainly helps. Time allows us to process the grief but writing helps accept it. Trust me on this.
I love your posts but your avatar scares the hell out of me! I don't like snakes! Meep!
I *so* wish you lived down the street. We would run this damn city!
You darn show off! I keep looking at those pictures and saying, Oui! Oui! Ugh, someday.

07-30-2013, 08:56 PM
I wish you'd stop hiding my bedpan, silly.

07-30-2013, 08:59 PM
I'll always remember when you sent me that box of donuts. So sweet of you. :Hug2:

07-30-2013, 09:06 PM
Every time I hear a Johnny Cash song, I think of you now. :e2arms:

Alpha Echo
07-30-2013, 09:21 PM
You just get me! Miss you!

07-30-2013, 09:32 PM
I wish you'd stop hiding my bedpan, silly.
Will not.

07-30-2013, 09:53 PM
I wish we were still close like we were in the old AW days.

07-30-2013, 10:22 PM
The rules:

No hostile messages.

I've spent the last 20 minutes or so going through your posts. Glad I'm not the only person you attack daily. My attitude on the validity of your veiled insults went from, Why are they attacking me? to *eyeroll*. Sorry you feel the need to be bitter. I hope life gets better for you.

Um, Donnie? You're breaking your own rule.

And arguably breaking AW's rule of "respect your fellow writer".

Even if you didn't name the person, it's not cool. Please don't pollute such a fun thread with butthurt.

Donnie Marsh
07-30-2013, 10:27 PM
Oh the irony. If you only knew.
I'm shocked you're feeding into that! Still funny, and somewhat endearing.
Do you *always* know how to make a guy's day? ;)

Chris P
07-30-2013, 10:28 PM
Come back, you silly flouncer. I'm not done learning from you yet.

07-30-2013, 10:29 PM
Your avatar brings back memories and always makes me smile :)

Alpha Echo
07-30-2013, 10:43 PM
Thank you for all the kind reps! Sometimes, a gal just needs a little encouragement and love.

Chris P
07-30-2013, 10:46 PM
What I wouldn't do to spend an evening with you talking about everything and nothing.

07-30-2013, 11:38 PM
You made me feel like I did something worth noticing for once... thanks! :)

07-31-2013, 12:05 AM
^ Awwww,

I. Am. Loving. This. Thread! :)

07-31-2013, 03:54 AM
still grazing on your grilled cheese sandwiches--s6

Ol' Fashioned Girl
07-31-2013, 04:30 AM
:OFG strolls through thread.:

*Have fun.
*Remember to RYFW.

07-31-2013, 04:58 AM
:OFG strolls through thread.:

*Have fun.
*Remember to RYFW.
That doesn't have to extend to ourselves, right?

With that in mind, and not aimed at OFG :tongue

I'm sorry I was such an insensitive fucktard.

Donnie Marsh
07-31-2013, 06:00 AM
The fact you repped me instead of just messaging speaks volumes. I know your shoes and many years ago I wasn't able to fully fill them myself.
I had to Google that. Thanks for giving me and the thread a chance.
It's going to be *really* freaking hard to *not* dive into your book I bought today. I know I'll read it in one sitting and I don't have the time this week, nor do I want my reading time interrupted. I'm glad to know you and own the book.
With the information in your profile and what I know of you, and what I know of me, we--in theory--shouldn't get along at all and I'm so glad we have great rapport, especially in PMs.
Get your bum to this thread!

07-31-2013, 06:15 AM
You're right...we should immediately be friends.
Hottie McHotterson needs to realize she is. (Nope...ain't tellin'. :p )
That's the most fun exchange I've had on a forum in forever. Thanks!

07-31-2013, 06:29 AM
You can upset a perfect sadness with your smile.

Donnie Marsh
07-31-2013, 07:48 AM
Mon dieu, you're smoking hot. Like, whoa. I can't even remember the last time my face fevered at the sight of a single picture. The tats? Ooh. la. la. Someone throw cold water on me, now.

07-31-2013, 08:07 AM
You came here and just dove right in!

Chris P
07-31-2013, 08:47 AM
How do you constantly come up with the perfect zingers? I hope you write comedy because I'll bet you ROCK at fun dialog.

Chris P
07-31-2013, 08:51 AM
Hottie McHotterson needs to realize she is. (Nope...ain't tellin'. :p )

That could be any one of several. Yeah, I've had a few profile pic/avatar crushes in my time on AW.

07-31-2013, 08:53 AM
Would you please get your dragon off my dachshund?

It's embarrassing and unnatural. Just think of the children.

07-31-2013, 08:58 AM
I'm proud of the way you honestly told us about your feelings of social, sexual, and writing inadequacy. It takes guts to do that.

07-31-2013, 11:48 AM
Wow, I have lots. I am trying to learn to practice gratitude, so bear with me...

*I kind of wish you'd just take me under your wing and/or invite me into your clan. (to several AW members, all age 40 or above)
*If I just had two minutes alone with the dude that hurt you, he would be fucking sorry. (to a few brave young female AW'ers)
*Thanks for always being a good, stalwart friend, even if I am being weird or acting like a total butthole. (to one AW'er in particular)
*Thanks for expanding my mental horizons! (to a few)
*Thanks for expanding my empathy even to people I disagree with. (to one)
*Thanks for encouraging me and giving me much-needed ego boosts. (to four)
*Thanks for calling me out on my shit, and lending me courage to face my own demons. (to two)
*Thanks for being a good example of womanhood and/or motherhood that I never had growing up. (to three)
*Thanks for keeping me laughing so damn hard I almost urinate on myself. (to so damn many I can't count)

Donnie Marsh
07-31-2013, 01:58 PM
I so wish you were within proximity. I need a buddy to have a beer with.
Good mornTing! We are friends. I love our *clowning* around.
Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you found it refreshing. I refuse to let anyone believe I'm a boring author. I would rather someone keep their $16 and not buy my book than to put on a fake, professional, (maybe stereotypical) air to get the sale. I'm me and I enjoy being me.
You followed me on Pinterest and went nuts repinning me. Yet, you've never interacted with me on here. Don't be afraid to say hello because, in person, I'd not be afraid to approach you, you damn cutie.

07-31-2013, 05:04 PM
It was enjoyable exchanging verbal ripostes with you, but I have to tell you, I'm a very sensitive person and your constant referral to everyone else as being "nose-picking suckwads" makes me wonder about your feelings for humanity in general.

You left me that picture of your left cheek with that adorable mole on it. Then I realized it wasn't a picture of your face, so in the future please refrain from sending those pictures. My wife is already suspicious.

Thank you for telling me about your latest nervous breakdown. It was enlightening to hear you relate how you screamed "They're tearing me apart!" in the local library, but really, seek help.

07-31-2013, 05:31 PM
I enjoy our exchanges too, but I'm soooooo tempted to wash your mouth out with soap!

Donnie Marsh
07-31-2013, 05:42 PM
Thank you now, not later. :D
Guys, guys. Cut it out with the soap references. My mind Keeps Going There and it's Already There plenty enough. :D

07-31-2013, 06:04 PM
If you lived next door to me I know we would be best friends, although I probably would have to complain to the super about the strong cat piss odor --s6

07-31-2013, 06:22 PM
Trust me, you'd love the shrimp and grits that I make. ;)

07-31-2013, 10:17 PM
I bet I think these messages are about me.

07-31-2013, 10:44 PM
You're always ready with a kind word and helping hand. You make this place nicer just by being here.

07-31-2013, 10:48 PM
I bet I think these messages are about me.

Get in line, Dude, get in line. :D

07-31-2013, 11:33 PM
so it's the shrimp and not the cats?

08-01-2013, 12:06 AM
I thought of another one!

Thank you so much for all your insight. It's people like you who are helping me (and others) to get to the point where I am at least able to figure out what I don't know and what I need to know.
I only hope that I can one day be as generous as you have been.

(actually this can apply to a quite a few people here, but I am thinking of one in particular :))

08-01-2013, 12:48 AM
Thanks for all the unasked for tips on finding the best legal weapons.
I'm not sure whether serial killers would make good surgeons. But your argument, mailed as it was in a blood filled box, is persuasive.
I am delighted you'll "Always find me, even in the dark."
Finally thanks for the twitter picture of my drive... Yeah that's me now, knocking on the window of your van with the legal weapon.

On a more normal note, thanks for all the humour.

08-01-2013, 02:05 AM
--I'm quite intrigued by your latest book proposal. Having a number of vampiric cockroaches accosting and then copulating with pregnant cows is certainly an interesting premise, but one that should be explored with a publisher and not a fellow writer.

--Covering yourself with ketchup and screaming "I'm a French Fry" at your recent beer bash sounded pretty cool. Which condiments would you recommend for a bar mitzvah and why?

Donnie Marsh
08-01-2013, 06:20 PM
You've inspired an awesome idea. If I ever become successful with it (if I even do it), you're the one I'm thanking.
I don't feel well today. Something tells me you'd be the person that would make it all go away. I mean, I just met you days ago and I can't remember not knowing you.

08-02-2013, 12:14 PM
- Well, you brought pizza to an all girls’ slumber party you had no business being at. I LOVE pizza and films, clearly. You’re super tongue-in-cheek, and then you go and get all serious on me, giving sage advice. Keep popping in and out, why don’tcha?! :D

- Love your avis. I appreciated all your reppies, your birthday thread, and welcoming me into your house of crazy. We bonded over music. You introduced me to songs -- good covers. I recommended some. And it was awesome. You re-introduced me to Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill. Hahaha Miss you!

- You know you’re my adopted mama, so come on back because your “baby girl” misses you.

- You’re the grandma I want, but never had. Your sweet reps, checking in on me are MUCH appreciated.

- You’re one of my many peeps who literally have me laughing out loud in the game threads.

- I repped you about a post on fatherhood and you PMed me, sharing more info and complimented my site. Already mentioned you’re totally cool in my book, sir.

- You checked out one of my tumblrs and discovered my obsession with the creepy and abandoned. You pretty much get me now. Haha

- Hey you -- I’m not psychic! Anyway, I love that go-getter personality, genuinely reaching out to people; it exudes off the screen. I hate I missed the opportunity to officially :welcome: you to AW, and learn a bit about you. But I have a feeling I’ll learn more along the way. :)

08-02-2013, 04:10 PM

08-02-2013, 05:21 PM
I'm sitting outside your house in the bushes. Surprise!

08-02-2013, 06:49 PM
*Pinching you for calling me "grandma"*

08-02-2013, 10:19 PM
I learve:ily: all you mature gals:e2file: but not the old creeps you hang out with.:e2beat:

08-03-2013, 12:03 AM
That's $5 for each anything.

08-03-2013, 10:05 AM
I just know she has a pie baking with my name on it! Dutch Apple Pie would be GREATLY appreciated :D DANG!

08-03-2013, 01:19 PM
To the peeps here (& they know who they are) who make my day extra nice and bearable, thanks so much! I always have prelicks for you! :)

Donnie Marsh
08-03-2013, 06:30 PM
Alright. Care Bears and rainbows it is! :D I'm going to play "Shiny Happy People" on repeat today and think of you.
Stay in touch!

Siri Kirpal
08-03-2013, 10:03 PM
Sat Nam! (literally "Truth Name"--a Sikh greeting)

*If it weren't for you, I might not have stayed around AW. May all your days be filled with chocolate.
*You're a wonderful neighbor, even if we've never actually met...and even though I don't speak sign language.
*God bless you, even if you don't believe in God. (Several people, but one in particular.)


Siri Kirpal

08-03-2013, 11:16 PM
*sigh* You know. And why.

http://i1230.photobucket.com/albums/ee488/jehhillenberg/The-Office-gifs-the-office-14948948-240-196_zps5ff7768d.gif (http://s1230.photobucket.com/user/jehhillenberg/media/The-Office-gifs-the-office-14948948-240-196_zps5ff7768d.gif.html)

http://i1230.photobucket.com/albums/ee488/jehhillenberg/throwing-shit-at-the-computer-gif_zpsa7ab3e4c.gif (http://s1230.photobucket.com/user/jehhillenberg/media/throwing-shit-at-the-computer-gif_zpsa7ab3e4c.gif.html)

08-04-2013, 03:18 PM
Gonna miss you :(

(But not the cussin') :poke:

08-06-2013, 02:44 PM
--Thanks for your recent praise of my latest novel. Saying that Camombert Fromage was a terrific protagonist and an inspiration was a wonderful compliment and it would have been taken as such except for the fact that it was not my novel you read.

--You know who you are, yes, you, the person who so kindly leaves .gifs of crows in the act of mating with field mice. Those are some startling images and I can only imagine the creativity and obsession it must have taken to produce said images. You are an artist and a scholar and should be pleased to know you've made the Most Wanted list and Interpol at the same time. Congratulations!

Donnie Marsh
08-14-2013, 04:32 AM
Let Me Get This Off My Chest. Your book is phenomenal and belongs on EVERY shelf. I hope it gets the attention it truly deserves. It was my honor to review it for you.
I miss you. And you. And you. And you, Smurf. I'll be back soon.

08-16-2013, 11:41 PM
Thank you, thank you, and thank you. :Hug2:

08-17-2013, 12:15 AM
i'm married.

Ona Mission
08-17-2013, 12:43 AM
Just when I think everyone on here is a perve, you go and prove me wrong...and then make me spit tea all over my monitor when you suddenly turn pervy. You kinda rock my world. Just sayin'.

08-17-2013, 02:02 AM
Y'know, it's not the fact that you leave .gifs of Donald and Daisy Duck in the middle of (censored!) in my mailbox. It's not the fact that you refuse to change your style of writing. It's that fact that you've never, not once, acknowledged that I might be right.

You know who you are and so does everyone else. We all do. You've been warned. Play nice. RYFW.

08-17-2013, 04:04 AM
I miss you.

11-06-2013, 12:02 AM
Haven't "seen" you in several months.

I miss you, and I hope you're ok. :Hug2:

11-06-2013, 12:29 AM
I apologize for all the hurtful things I said to you.
Haven't seen you in so long. I miss you. Hope everything is good.

Susan Littlefield
11-07-2013, 09:06 AM
To one AWer- thank you for the sweet PM's I get from you from time to time. They make me smile and make my day.

To another-thank you for your insightful posts throughout the forum.

To one more-I apologize if I was snarky when I first started posting at the forum so long ago. You know who you are. :)

11-07-2013, 05:13 PM
A person with cats is never snarky...

11-08-2013, 05:06 AM
I want to punch you so hard in the face that you will be collecting your teeth from Santa.

11-09-2013, 12:03 AM
Yes. Third stall on the left, in black Sharpie...

11-09-2013, 12:20 AM
This thread is cool 'n so are all you peeps :)

11-09-2013, 01:42 AM
I haven't seen you in a while. Hope you're ok.

11-09-2013, 02:24 AM
What a cool thread! Umg, so many things I wanna say.

-I am amazed by everything about you. The way you talk, the comebacks that take you half a second to come up with, the way you laugh...they're all pretty amazing.
-You're funnee and I love that we can disagree on so many things and still be friends. Also I wouldn't actually eat your stupid cat, maybe.
-You were one of the first friends I made on AW but we kinda grew apart. I hope you're feeling okay and I really hope your book gets picked up by an agent or publisher soon.
-You ALWAYS make me laugh. Always. Your crazy-assed randomness cheers me up better than pretty much anything else. You're so cool I wanna scream, "LET'S BE FRIENDS FOREVER ZOMGS" but uhh, I'm kinda scared to, so I usually just lurk and say weird things to you instead.
-You are so smart and cool I would hate you if you weren't so goddamn lovable.

11-09-2013, 03:36 AM
... hahaha.
You guys are a riot :-D

11-09-2013, 04:34 AM
1) you can stop listening to that goddamn AFF song...really.

2)Thank you....so fucking much. For everything.

Wherever you may be, you are missed, Greenlight.


11-09-2013, 06:44 PM
I know I can be prickly and difficult, so thank you for still caring and being kind.

11-09-2013, 06:52 PM
... thanks for posting pics of yourselves in your avatars to those who do.
It's neat to know that writers aren't only intelligent, 'cept for me,
but are also attractive. Neat profession all 'n all. Makes one glad
to be a part of it, even if nominally.

11-22-2013, 08:16 PM
Just this:

Thank you.

11-27-2013, 06:38 PM
Ignore me all you want. I'm not going away.

*creepy smile*

11-28-2013, 02:59 PM
You wear Depends?


11-28-2013, 03:42 PM
You have to stencil the first letter of your name on your shirt to remember what your name is?

Double dang!


12-09-2013, 07:14 AM
* You're one of the smartest and coolest people I've ever met and I can't believe what a close friendship I feel with you in such a short time and in virtual space. WHAT IS THIS I CAN'T EVEN.
* You're so open and lovely and you're constantly taking me by surprise by popping up and being generous and supportive in ways I didn't even know I needed until you were there.
* You and your book have helped me through one of the hardest times in my life and I honestly *do not know* where I would've been without you to talk to.
* You're a total sweetheart and I'm glad you exist in this world.
* In just a few words you can make me feel like you're standing right next to me and fuck 'em all, you've got my back.
* I'm not sure you realize how ridiculously awesomesauce you are and it just KILLS me that you might not know.
* I really like chatting with you and I want to do it more but I'm really shy when I'm not in a forum space with a lot of posters I know already. I hope we get to be better friends as time goes on.
* Sometimes A lot of times As part of my regular AW-checking routine I go to your username and read all your recent posts because I just like reading what you have to say.
* I like you so much and I think you're so cool that I want to, like, follow you around and talk to you *all the time* but I'm afraid I'll annoy you or you'll think I'm creepy. :D

12-09-2013, 07:52 AM
How cool is this thread?!

--You're the goods. Really. I wished we lived next door to each other so we could have a beer and a pot of French Press and talk and talk and talk. Except then I couldn't be mushy, so maybe this is good.

--You are so freaking cute and smart and funny and talented, I want to give you smooshy kisses!!!!

--Thank you, and thank you, and thank you.

I may have to come back tomorrow to leave 12 more messages.

12-09-2013, 08:20 AM
I'm just so happy-happy that we met and conversed about children's animated shows and now I have dreams about sparkly unicorns and rainbow colors are flying through my head at light speed! This has been a real eye-opener for me and I hope that we'll all meet up at the next Brony show!

Ever so thankful, me.


P.S. these emo-cons...er, I mean, emoticons are SO cute!

12-09-2013, 08:26 AM
I found somebody as old as I am. 2000000 years old in flea years, not human. You know who you are. he he he

12-09-2013, 09:35 AM

Booga booga

12-09-2013, 08:13 PM
You're not crazy, it's just that the rest of the world iz! ;)

12-10-2013, 12:49 AM
Yeah, uh...I'm the one who told Canadian Authorities you were a drug mule. They don't call 'em 'Mounties' for nothing, eh, buddy?

Merry Xmas, Hoser

Maggie Maxwell
12-10-2013, 01:06 AM
* Our video game talks made my husband jealous, even though I'm really not your type. :ROFL:
* I really want to be your friend, but I never know what to say when I see you around.
* To all of you, I came over here when my home-on-the-net was beginning to fade away. Thanks for giving a lost internet-soul a new place to settle in. :Hug2:

12-10-2013, 04:08 AM
I've miss you.
Each and every post, rep, or PM with it's direct and honest personal touch.
How you protected me like the big brother I never had.

Miss you even more as December whittles away...
(and you know why! :evil)

Sure, fine, I've saved a gazillion on having to buy
plug-in refills and fabreeze for the OP...
but it just doesn't make up for it.

Hope you're safe and happy.


12-13-2013, 01:11 AM
I was anticipating this....

12-13-2013, 07:55 AM
Every time I see you post on a thread, I read your post carefully all the way through. I have an impression (possibly incorrectly!) that you aren't sure what you're contributing is worthwhile, but it is!

I have a vague feeling I know you from somewhere else on the 'net but I'm so bad with names, we might be great friends and I have no idea.

I wanna be like you when I grow up.

I begin to suspect that there needs to be a support group for Totally Respectable Children's Book Authors, Damnit.

12-13-2013, 10:34 PM
Oh man. Okay. . .

A breath of fresh air. So talented! You have made me laugh and shored me up and helped me so damn much and I'm wishing you every wonderful thing!

I cherish our friendship. I'm awed by your smart brain and great talent, your determination, your honesty. . . wait, didn't I tell you all this yesterday? :)

Oh my god, two free spirits, both so effin' talented. Do you know? Do you have a CLUE? Yeah, you must. You have to because I tell you, and everybody here tells you, thank you for helping me, for being there, can't thank you enough *smooch smooch*. . .

You are so damned talented. I hope you know that. P.S. I'm sorry. For some of it. P.P.S. Don't eff off too long.

You are so maddeningly maddening and I adore you! You make me laugh. I want to give you noogies. Wanna read my book?

OMG, what did I do to deserve you? My little angel. I shall forego noogies! Unless you want noogies...do you want noogies? You shall have noogies, sweetie; anything you want. . .

Oy. I stand in the shadow sometimes, watching and thinking, damn. It's true, no guts, no glory. I see both right in front of me. And so sweet and funny. The whole package, no doubt in my mind. . .

xo, you guys.

12-14-2013, 07:34 PM
anonymous aw'er,


12-14-2013, 08:33 PM
I saw that.

Ona Mission
12-14-2013, 09:04 PM
I love you, I love you, and I love you.

And I love you, too...so much.

And you...yeah, you've grown on me. I kinda love you, too. ;)

And you, I just miss. Damn, I wish you'd come back here. Fish.

12-15-2013, 11:56 PM
I <3 you.

(repeat 20 times or so)

12-16-2013, 07:33 PM
No, I'm not interested.

I'm just not into battery acid and junk. :Shrug:

12-17-2013, 02:43 AM
... must everyone on this blasted planet be married ?! :rant:

12-17-2013, 06:43 AM
Reading your posts has opened my mind to the alternate possiblities of existence.

Who knew that loving a banana could be so fulfilling?
Who knew that tossing ketchup on your body and screaming "I'm a French Fry!" at the top of your lungs was such a cathartic experience?
Who knew?

More important, who cared?

Thanks ever so for caring and sharing. I'll treasure this moment...and you know what we do with treasure.


12-17-2013, 08:01 AM
Wonderful people come and go here on AW, but you have been a constant friend. You are my confidant, my online sister, a rice crispy treat filled with profound insight. Trust yourself.

(just to be clear, this post is not about you, KTC... though you're pretty cool too..:D)

12-17-2013, 08:09 AM
It's cray, isn't it. I knew he'd be your sister.

12-17-2013, 04:43 PM
Batteries not included in post #109..

12-17-2013, 05:16 PM
In the spirit of giving (and because of a rep that made me feel retched) there is someone else I'd like to mention:

In spite of the fact that others are constantly changing your avie, throwing you off cliffs, blowing you up, calling you new girl, and various other atrocities, you're still like a sister to me... full of rainbows and butterflies... Give us a hug..

12-17-2013, 06:08 PM

12-17-2013, 06:11 PM
*pushes Cray out of the way*

She's talking about me, creep!

C'mere, Swach.

12-17-2013, 06:16 PM

dear anonymous aw'er with username ninak,

that. hurt.

12-17-2013, 06:37 PM

dear anonymous aw'er with username ninak,

that. hurt.



12-17-2013, 09:39 PM
I like the little dog, the cats, and the supercomputer. Even the dragon.


I've said it.

12-18-2013, 03:27 AM
... must everyone on this blasted planet be married ?! :rant:

Tried it twice, its not for me...

12-18-2013, 03:35 AM
I want to be you when I grow up.

(and that applies to a *bunch* of AWers)

12-18-2013, 08:01 AM
You, you have critiqued (that's pronounced 'kri-ti-kyood' for those who don't know no better) my writing and found it praiseworthy. I am ecstatic, over the moon, even, to know that I am worthy.

I am worthy!
I am worthy!

I am the sum of all your fears, the embodiment of your dreams, I worsheep the keys you peck on and wipe away the lint that forms. I am yours forever.

(I also just threw up a little in my mouth from writing this drivel)


Remember me and the times we had in Paris...or somewhere.

01-08-2014, 09:39 PM
Guess what day it is? :poke:

01-09-2014, 01:45 AM
Tried it twice, its not for me...

Three times the charm ;-)

message to many: keep posting those accomplishments / nice to read about

03-12-2014, 02:03 AM
i miss the way things were before

03-15-2015, 12:49 AM
Thank you. You made this broken old wannabe feel very loved.


I love you.

03-15-2015, 10:38 AM
Oohhh, is this thread resurrected! Damn, it's like one of my favorite threads.

-I am so happy you and I are doing this thing! Wheee! I will still eat your damn cat.

-I STILL LURVE YEW WITH ALL MY BELLEH. If I could I would totally snuggle up to your wet nostrils and squish anyone else who dares to love you half as much! Also, I hate everyone else who gets to meet you. Hrmpf. I want your stuff published so badly I think sometimes I want it more than I want my own stuff published.

-That's all, I hate everyone else. :D

03-16-2015, 12:54 AM
...That's all, I hate everyone else. :D


03-17-2015, 09:29 PM
Thank you for your dry sense of humor.

Okay, paranoid bunch. Who is it I'm talking to? :D

03-17-2015, 10:00 PM
Ha! This is a fun thread. It reminds me how big and small this place can be. So here are messages from me:

- It's getting on springtime, so why don't you plant a patch of self-awareness seeds and grow yourself a soul.

- I don't do nostalgia, but for you I'll make an exception.

- And you, you I think are about to have the world on a string. Enjoy it!

- The world would be a finer place with more people like you in it.

- When you're being smart, it's thrilling. You're smart a lot.

- In an alternate universe, we're married. Much crockery has been dashed.

03-17-2015, 10:02 PM
that first one hurt.


03-17-2015, 10:04 PM
that first one hurt.


Silly battery, souls are for people. Your alkaline heart is excellent. Not to worry.

03-17-2015, 10:11 PM
that first one hurt.


*checks reps*

Roub's advice is just to lay back and think of England.

Maggie Maxwell
03-17-2015, 10:14 PM
* Nothing lights up my day like a reppie from you. :)

* I miss you. I know you're still around, but our paths don't cross so much anymore. I miss the conversations we used to have about anything and everything. We're just almost never in the same place ...I'll PM you. Or rep or something. Because I miss you.

*You're weird. I like you. :D

03-17-2015, 10:27 PM
when I said, "do bad things to me"...

<---- this is not what I had in mind

03-18-2015, 09:51 PM
Please stop sending me pics of your dinghy.

I saw it once.

That was enuf.

(Ohhhh, don't act like you don't know who you are) :tongue

03-18-2015, 09:55 PM
*acts casual*

03-18-2015, 09:56 PM
^ Works every time.

03-18-2015, 10:08 PM
See cray? You owe me $5!


Totally potent!

03-18-2015, 10:38 PM
dear anonymous aw-er,

why on earth would you be keeping me up to date on your potency?



p.s. don't answer that.

03-18-2015, 10:49 PM
Dear sir/madam,

If you don't wish to receive updates, unsubscribe to the newsletter.

Best Regards,

03-19-2015, 06:12 PM
To a certain AWer:

Thank you for keeping your pants on where they belong, and not on your head.

What a sight. My eyes are all better now.

03-20-2015, 06:03 AM
Just for you: "Back in the USA" by the MC5...


03-20-2015, 10:19 AM
Im still waiting for my drinks promised oh so many years ago. Patiently. Patiently.