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07-01-2013, 02:37 AM
Ladies and gentlemen! Sky Pirates and punks! FictionMagazines.com is now seeking submissions of short fiction, poetry, illustrations, and non-fiction works for its magnificent eSteampunk magazine. We are looking for the fantastic and the curious from all over the globe. Send us your finest tales and verse and views upon our mechanically articulate and socially stratified world.

Donít let your manuscripts just sit under the bottle of absinthe and get eaten by clockwork moths! Send them in to FictionMagazines.com and get a response quickly. We offer feedback for every story we receive, and also maintain a private, peer-review group that allows you to polish your work and resubmit should the unimaginable occur and your work is passed on the first time through.

We offer submission service year-round for your convenience. We do humbly request the word count to be no greater than 10,000 beautifully penned words (although it may be longer if it is of truly extraordinary quality). We may also consider serialized fiction. Your completed projects will appear in the digitally-formatted eSteampunk magazine which can be acquired across the wide world web from these wonderful distributors: Amazon, B&N Nook Newsstand, and of course, FictionMagazines.com

We are also excited to announce that we offer compensation for your toiling efforts in the form of 10% lifetime royalty on all digital issue sales! Not just payment for one issue and for one time!

Come one! Come all! Come to FictionMagazines.com and find the link for Submissions. Once there, scroll down to eSteampunk and send us your literary and artistic inventions! Wind your gears and get in motion. The sky ships wonít wait for long!

Drachen Jager
07-01-2013, 06:25 AM
Is this 10% of all sales now, or the 10% on sales of that specific issue as it was before (which is essentially zero because almost all eFic subscribers are lifetime or yearly).

There was an issue with this before. If you're the new editor for eSteampunk, welcome, I enjoyed working with your predecessor and I appreciated that she had the integrity to quit over the issue of royalties.

07-10-2013, 12:02 AM
moving this to non-paying markets