View Full Version : Share your IM/email here!

06-30-2013, 03:20 AM
I was shocked when I didn't find a thread like this anywhere in the cooler. So here you go.

If you want people to contact you (e.g. for mutual brainstorming
or just to make new friends), this is the place to give them your Instant Messenger names
(e.g. for Skype, Yahoo or whatever else people use these days) or email address, in case you prefer that.

(Actually, you can also give them your post address for all I care if you're feeling really old-school)

IMPORTANT: If you don't want to share your usernames/addresses publicly due to fear of spam, that's no problem!
Just write a post telling people to contact you via PM if they're interested. But know that a lot of people would rather not make a detour like that.

The purpose of this thread is to, like I said, easily find nice people with mutual interests (i.e. writing) who are willing to have a nice talk with
you or directly help you in your projects.

If you only want certain people to contact you (e.g. only people in a specific age range or only people interested in a specific genre) you can,
and should, include that in your post, too.


I'm gonna start by telling you my Skype-username: DELETED by Silver King (oh no, the illusion is shattered). Currently, my skypelist is full of people I
really like, but none of them share my particular interest in writing. I would like to change that. No conditions.

If you only want to exchange emails with a cookie, I can do that too. You're gonna have to write me a PM in that case, however.


06-30-2013, 03:27 AM
If someone wants to share their contact info, there's a place for that. It is cleverly hidden in their Public Profile under a tab called "Contact Info," thanks.