View Full Version : GeekParty Needs People Who Love to Write About Videogames

06-25-2013, 12:09 PM
GeekParty.com is a growing site that focuses on videogame culture, and we're looking for more original content.

Essentially, we love quirky, off-the-beaten-path personal essays about videogames and the culture surrounding them. There are thousands of sites that will be reviewing Metal Gear Solid V when that comes out, right? But who's going to be talking about the one time they got their car stolen while playing the original Metal Gear Solid? GeekParty will be.

Here is an an article we ran about the sorts of people you'll meet at midnight launches, for example:


We also like more journalistic pieces, like interviews with the people who run the locally owned used game shop and things like that, but it's important to approach those things with the "GeekParty angle."

Of course, we're open to a much broader range of content than just that, but you can check out the site to see the sorts of things we're interested in.

Our staff currently includes several people who have been doing pro-level games journalism for several years, but we're looking to add some new talent to round out our daily content.

We can't pay anything, but you will get a byline and your foot in the door of the fantastic world of games journalism.

If you have an article idea you want to pitch to us, or if you think you'd make a great fit on our team, you can email Josh Wirtanen at joshuajwirtanen@gmail.com