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Lit Chick5
06-20-2013, 07:59 PM
The Write Place At the Write Time online literary magazine announces the arrival of the Five Year Anniversary Issue (live now) and features a call for submissions to the autumn/winter issue. The submission deadline for the next issue is August 15th. Visit our submission guidelines page for details on how to submit. We are seeking fiction, poetry and creative memoir-style non-fiction. View our current issue or peruse our archives to get an idea of the kinds of material we publish. The next issue is due out September 22nd. Please see our guidelines page before submitting (http://www.thewriteplaceatthewritetime.org/submissionguidelines.html). We warmly invite you to stop by our site and get to know our publication; join our celebration of five amazing years!

Highlights/Details on Current Issue:

We have an unprecedented fiction section that has double the content of a typical issue (eleven stories and a novel excerpt) and a range of themes to make readers laugh, cry and feel all of the in-between. Guest contributors Erica Bauermeister (best-selling author of The School of Essential Ingredients) and Charles Salzberg (co-founder of the New York Writers Workshop and author of Swann's Last Song) join this edition of our Writers' Craft Box, we feature the winner of our Writers' Challenge, we see art fused with poetry (Haiga art forms and more), include a book review of a highly anticipated new title from Putnam, comments on the Five Year Anniversary and interviews with NYT best-selling author Cathy Marie Buchanan and culinary/lifestyle author Jane Webster that will either have you travel across continents or through the halls of time.


We are re-painting history by diving into its personalities with NYT best-selling author Cathy Marie Buchanan:

Whether in Belle Époque Paris or Niagara Falls in 1915, history removes its masks and transcends the years to speak about life and love, struggle and perseverance.

Buchanan is the NYT best-selling author of The Painted Girls and The Day the Falls Stood Still. Her most recent novel, The Painted Girls was selected as a People Magazine pick and a book “People Are Talking About” by Vogue. Prior to her novels, her short stories appeared in some of Canada's most highly regarded literary journals: The Antigonish Review, The Dalhousie Review, Descant, The New Quarterly and Quarry. Cathy has been awarded grants by both the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council.

We follow a dream, take an incredible journey and find how serendipity abounds with culinary and lifestyle author Jane Webster:

From Melbourne, Australia to a corner of Normandy, France, we follow the call of fate. After a long and dreary winter, what better way to greet spring than with author Jane Webster and her beautiful books celebrating food, life and joie de vivre? At my French Table and its companion French Ties are two gorgeous volumes that contain the enchanting story of Jane Webster’s serendipitous search for and restoration of a French chateau.

Webster, a former primary school teacher and café owner in Melbourne, had a dream of opening a cooking school in France. Her approach to running this school involves an all-encompassing induction to the tastes, sights, ways and traditions of Northern French life, making for a transformative experience. From the freshness of local markets to the architecture to the philosophies of well-cooked meals slowly savored amidst family and friends, she takes you by the hand on her magical odyssey (fraught with trials, travails and travel) through the most exquisite photographs detailing her quest to find the perfect chateau for her, her family and her students.

Writers' Craft Box- In this edition, we have guest contributor essays from The School of Essential Ingredients best-selling author Erica Bauermeister (deconstructing the myth of 'writers' block') and examine the evolution of journalist to novelist with New York Writers Workshop co-founder and instructor, Charles Salzberg, author of Swann's Last Song (nominated for a Shamus Award for Best First PI Novel) and Swann Dives In. The Craft Box also features an essay on defining the all-important idea of success by author Noelle Sterne, PhD (of Trust Your Life: Forgive Yourself and Go After Your Dreams).