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06-03-2013, 01:53 AM
One of my main characters, a thirteen year old girl, gets caught in a gun fight and is shot in her right shoulder by a Glock 17 Gen 4 from ten/fifteen feet away. She was falling when the bullet lodged its self in her shoulder.

How long would it be before she felt pain?
What extreme would the pain reach?
How long can she go with out being treated?
Would the fall affect the shot at all?

Drachen Jager
06-03-2013, 09:12 AM
A thirteen-year-old girl, or pretty much anyone for that matter, is not likely to stop a 9mm bullet at 10 feet (the calibre is the important part, not the pistol so much) from a flat-on hit like that. It will smash through bone to come out the other side. It happens more often in the chest and such, because the bullet can hit something and curve off course. Also, equally as important as calibre is the type of bullet, a Glaser, an expanding bullet, or an FMJ type round will all have very different wound profiles.

How long would it be before she felt pain?

Depends on the person and the situation. Could be instant, could be a few minutes. If she's completely wired on adrenaline it could be she doesn't notice until after the adrenaline has worn off.

What extreme would the pain reach?

Depends on the situation again. What's she doing? If she moved it it would hurt a lot. If she could keep it stable, not as much.

How long can she go with out being treated?

If it didn't hit any major blood vessels she'd probably live without treatment if she keeps it disinfected.

Would the fall affect the shot at all?

In what way? I suspect the answer is no, but that's only assuming I'm reading your question right. Bullet travels at a supersonic speed. Unless she's falling at hundreds of miles per hour, the fall isn't going to play much into the injury one way or another. And even then it would only change the angle of penetration a bit.

06-05-2013, 09:06 AM
Ok, there are a LOT of bullet wound question threads. If you search you can get some good info from those. If nothing else, just look at my posts, as I've responded to almost all of those.

It comes down to this: For the story, how wounded/hurt do you need her to be? Figure that out first and then work backwards to figure out what type of injury she'd have to suffer to get that result.

Bullets are funny things and their interaction with the human body is both complex and varied. That's what makes it so hard to answer these "What would happen if she's shot?" type threads.

If you phrase the question more like "I need my character to be shot, and still be conscious, and be able to fight for at least a few more minutes" we can figure out what wound would be appropriate.

The same goes for "I need my character to be shot and not have any apparent effect right away" or "I need my character to be shot and be incapacitated, but not killed, right away" type questions.

Give us the desired results and we can help you set up the scenario and details.

For example: If you want her to have a small injury, given the weapon and caliber, I'd say you'd have to NOT have her got shot directly. Have the bullet hit something solid, like a concrete floor, and have it break up so she only gets hit by a small piece of the metal jacket. That would draw blood, and hurt, but wouldn't be life threatening or even particularly damaging.

(You would want to explain that the bullet broke up and she was hit by a fragment of either the bullet or possibly whatever the bullet hit as a direct richochet would have enough mass and velocity to still kill).

As to your original question, a 9mm bullet that hits from 10 or 15 feet away is going to do SIGNIFICANT damage to her shoulder. It's not so much "lodged in the shoulder" as it is "bone shattered, muscle destroyed, and significant to massive blood loss from the entry and (most likely) exit wounds. And no, the fact she's falling doesn't matter, unless she falls and the bullet misses completely.

Just FYI, what's significant here isn't the "Glock 17, 4th Gen" but the caliber. That Glock is 9mm (9x19mm, 9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum, all the same). 9mm is a very effective personal defense round so the wound is going to be significant, even if Full Metal Jacket rounds are used instead of Jacketed Hollow Points. (FMJ penetrate deeper, generally, but don't expand. JHP's still penetrate deep enough to hit vital organs AND they expand to create bigger holes).

When you describe the gun in the story don't say "Glock 17, 4th Gen." That sounds like you got your info from a catalog. Just say, "Glock" "Glock pistol" or even "Glock 17" and leave out the rather insignificant "Gen 4" designation.

Michael Davis
06-05-2013, 02:43 PM
If it hits the shoulder blade it will shatter the bone and possibility fragment depending on grain weight and design (hollow point vs jacketed. A standard pistol shot travels at 700-1000 feet per second so doubt it would affect trajectory unless victim is falling forward before shot. Ref pain, if in gut little immediate pain but in shoulder with all the bones likely she'd feel the impact immediately and hurt shortly after. Ranger friend was hit in arm and felt it immediately, like he was hit with a hammer.

Smiling Ted
06-06-2013, 06:39 AM
In addition to the direct damage caused by the bullet, there's also two different kinds of shock: shockwave damage to the surrounding tissue, and physiological shock.

It's possible for someone to die of physiological shock from a GSW even if the bullet doesn't directly strike a vital organ or blood vessel. There can be death from blood loss; death from shock; death from sepsis (long-term); death from embolism; and the list goes on...