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06-01-2013, 08:53 PM
For a fanfiction universe involving the Incredibles film I'm currently working on I created a fictional version of the Soviet Union. Most of my research for it involved research on the Soviet Military of the 1980s (of which I've got plenty of information on).

The fanfics that involve this world I created can be found on my fanfiction.net account (linked in my signature). The ones that most heavily involve my version of the Soviets are:

Meet the Incredibles
Facility Kronos
Dogs of War

Most of my focus obviously was on military capabilities and the like. I found everything from books (ranging from the Viktor Suvorov to Carey Schofield's The Russian Elite), various magazines on military history, and a couple films to be useful.

For a brief overview of my fanfiction universe (one involving the Heartless from Kingdom Hearts as well) here it is below:

The villain from the Incredibles film, Syndrome, survived somehow.
In this universe the Soviet Union still exists. (I've made the timeline kinda ambiguous, but since a majority of my research dealt with the 1980s era Soviets)
Syndrome emerges as a political leader in Metroville (the name for the nation of the Incredibles in my story). Through several provocative actions to include use of the Heartless the Soviets become increasingly agitated.
The reasons behind this agitation is that forty-some years earlier (this coincides with a World War II/Kingdom Hearts series of fanfics I am still writing) the Soviet Union was invaded by both the Nazis and the Heartless alike.
The Soviets promptly invade Metroville to prevent the Heartless from crossing into their land again.
After months of bitter fighting a ceasefire is called after Syndrome is killed.
Shortly after this the Soviet Union breaks apart much as it did.

For this fanfiction universe I'm curious of what civilian life was like in the Soviet Union in the 1980s. I'm writing a fifth fanfiction for this universe (this one crossing into the universe of the film Matilda).

My main character for this is a former soldier of the aforementioned war, from the Soviet side. He's 32 (he's older because he was a reservist called back into active duty because of the war) from Sochi in Krasnodar Krai.

I had heard of the spetsnaz kadrirovanniye otriad (or skeleton battalions) of Spetsnaz which consists of 29 men who train reservists who are called into active service. My main character for this fanfic came from such a 'skeleton battalion', one of the reservists called up. He had previously served as a spetsnaz conscript during the Sino-Soviet conflict as a minelayer/minesweeper and demolitions expert. In his interim reserve service before being called up he wound up being promoted to a junior lieutenant in his group.

During that time he also returned to be educated in mechanical engineering. And he even got a civilian job (working for a the city of Sochi's public works) but he got called into duty.

The turmoil that leads follows the ceasefire where the Soviet Union ceases to exist causes him to leave Russia for other pastures where he tries to forget the past. Unfortunately in the events of my story the past comes back to haunt him.

I'm curious about how a mechanical engineering educated man would be employed in the 1980s Soviet era when it comes to infrastructure? I assume he would be working for the state?