View Full Version : Do agents take on novellas?

05-26-2013, 08:10 AM
I believe agents used to not be interested in novellasójust novels mostly.

But I have a novella I'm close to querying and was wondering if that attitude has changed lately?

I'll either query small presses or agents. I'd like to try with agents but I thought I'd get some opinions on this. Thanks!

05-26-2013, 10:10 AM
Taylor, not ordinarily and this has been the trend from the beginning. Unless I'm missing some ground-breaking news, agents might only be inclined to accept novellas from top-selling or A-list clients. I don't think big time celebrity authors would have trouble handing a novella over to their agents. But gak, it's got to be a rare occasion when an agent wants to rep a novella off the slush pile.

Now, publishers? Different story entirely. Lots of opportunities out there for interested publishers and even some slick, high-dollar magazines that take long fiction.