View Full Version : Gay Christians

02-10-2006, 05:31 AM
I'm looking for interviewees for an article I want to pitch regarding thoughts from gay Christians on maintaining faith.

I realize this is a sensitive topic, and I'm looking for frank insights from those to whom the topic applies. I'm not interested in anyone's hostility - I only want to hear from those who can offer honest, personal experience on the topic. I'm very interested in exploring the personal nature of belief in relation to a religion that may not be totally accepting of all personal lifestyles, and I welcome comments from anyone who may have thoughts on this topic.

A sampling of the questions I'm interested in answering ...

How has Christianity impacted you? What personal challenges have you faced or overcome through your faith? Are you able to be comfortably open with both your sexual orientation and your faith? Do you take exception to portions of Scripture, or find any portions unaccepting or offensive? Do you feel you've had to adapt your belief in Christianity to fit your lifestyle or adapt your lifestyle to fit your belief in Christianity? What has been your experience with organized religion? What is your take on the religion-vs.-homosexuality mentality in terms of societal growth?

If you're interested in responding to these questions or have any other insights or experiences you'd like to share, please respond to me through email at serenityjb @ hotmail . com. I thank you in advance for sharing your personal thoughts and beliefs.