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02-09-2006, 02:04 AM
Posting this here in case anyone misses the announcement stickied at the top:

It has been suggested, it has been asked for, and it soon will be here:

The Absolute Write Library!

Yes, after much discussion and construction, our library is nearly ready. What is it you ask? Our library will be a place for all our published writers to post information about their work. Think of it as a place where each post is the functional equivalent of a card file in a bricks and mortar library.

The Absolute Write Library will contain subforums for various genres of fiction and non-fiction. An author will be able to start a thread within a subforum -- or category -- and within that thread, put posts for each of their works, including links.

A special subforum that we're calling The LIBRARIAN will have a thread with guidelines for posting in the Library. This will be the only place where conversational posts will be allowed, all of the threads and posts in the remainder of the Library must be listings of author's works in the format specified in the guidelines. So that you may begin to gather your information ahead of time, the format for posts in the Library is as follows:

Title: Bestselling Book
Author(s): Bigtime Author
Publication Date: January 99, 9999
Publisher: Best House Around
Format (print, ebook, audiobook, whatever): All
ISBN: 123456789
Price: $00.00
Logline: (one-paragraph description): tell us about it
Link (Amazon, author website, publisher, wherever):
Link to author's website:
Link(s) to author's threads in other library categories:
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When will the Library be ready? We're hoping to have it up by this coming weekend. Keep your eyes on The Book World forum, and feel free to PM myself or the mods if you have any questions.

We're looking forward to browsing with you in the Absolute Write Library!

Announced by ChunkyC

02-11-2006, 11:01 PM
This is a very good idea, thank you so much for implementing it. I'll keep checking for the forum to be up and running.

02-12-2006, 04:05 AM
Thank you for your interest, Shelley! We're looking forward to featuring our published writers. And this won't just be for books, but for magazine writers, columnists, etc. as well. It's going to be great!

Note: If anyone would like to have their books or other work listed anonymously or with a pen name, just let me know and I'll get things fixed up for you.