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04-16-2013, 11:26 PM
So the phone rings and there's this very gravelly sounding man on the other end who sounds like his blood type is Lucky Strike.

Caller: Ma'am. This will just take a minute of your time. I am calling on behalf of the Shriners and we raise money every year for children who have disabilities and who have things like autism and Down syndrome and what not and some of these kiddies never get to get out and have fun and so we take them to the circus every year. Anything you can contribute will bring a smile to a little child's face this evening can we count on your support, ma'am.

Me: Can I make a suggestion? It's just that I can't get behind the circus. Why not take the kids to a baseball game or on a picnic or something like Chuck E Cheese?

Lucky Strike: Unnnhhh

Me: Blah blah blah elephants and their feelings
Blah blah blah cruelty

Lucky Strike: (AT & T wall of silence)

Me: Hello?

Hung up on by a solicitor. I feel like I just got my Girl Scout badge in Tedious Windbag.

04-17-2013, 12:54 AM
First off, this is . . . wow!

who sounds like his blood type is Lucky Strike.

Second, good work!

An ex-SO of mine had a friend who worked for that Shriners' solicitation thing. It's a scam. (He put over $60,000 a year in his own pocket.)

Kinda like those people who used to want donations for the 3X5 cards with the Amsign alphabet on them . . . I used to work with several hearing impaired people and they would go ballistic when they saw those; they told me to never, ever donate, that it was a total scam and an embarrassment to them that people associated them with it, assuming it was a legitimate charity associated with the Association for the Hearing Impaired.

Cliff Face
04-17-2013, 02:11 AM
We don't get the Shriners down here, but plenty of scams.

What ticks me off, though, are the salespeople who lie to try to get a sale. I've worked in telemarketing and retail, and I never needed to lie.

The most recent one was someone from a power company who knocked on the door.

"Hello, you should've received a letter six months ago about some houses in the area qualifying for a discount on your power. Your house has qualified!"

I didn't let him get any further. A letter six months ago? Obviously nobody's going to remember that, if it even went out. My house qualified? Erm... see next point. The guy wasn't even with the power company we use. Obviously this was their tactic to convince people to change providers.

Bye bye!

(BTW, good work for mentioning the animals' feelings and conditions at the circus. :))