View Full Version : Beta Reader for YA SciFi

04-12-2013, 03:34 AM
I need feedback on my scifi novel Resident. I have a completed draft and am currently working on what I hope to be the final version of the story. I wouldn't mind general feedback/opinions, but I'm specifically looking for help with story structure. So someone who could really help with that would be great.

The complete draft is 50k, and the redraft just over 5k. The target audience is YA, but I'm not really tying myself to a YA voice.

Resident is about an alien shapeshifter, Astrid, who is a second-generation resident of Earth. She is a "natural" shape-shifter, able to shape-shift at will, a trait almost unique to her family among the extraterrestrials (all the same species, btw) on Earth. The exception is the bounty hunters who are hunting her family and have revealed the existence of the aliens to the human governments. This revelation did not go over well.

I have a link to my synopsis/excerpt on Nanowrimo HERE (http://nanowrimo.org/en/participants/aravisgirl/novels/resident)

Again, I'd like a beta reader who could provide input on overall story structure and enjoys action-adventure stories. It's in third person, and there are multiple character voices of different ages, gender, and background.

I wouldn't mind beta reading someone else's story either, probably in the fantasy or scifi spectrum is where I'd be the most help :D