View Full Version : Echoes, Cycles, Reflections

04-10-2013, 05:49 PM
I'm in a cycle of re-reading things I was reading 3 or 4 years ago. I think this has to do with having more time to read and an interest in revising the book shelving.

I've noticed the origins of some things that went into my writing at that time: "wheezy" (the nickname of an early computer), "Tish" (I thought Tish was from Titian Peel an American involved in reconstructing mastodons in the early 19th century -- but I found another Tish in a text from the same era).

It seems that even at an everyday level, a certain amount of myth-making occurs (though it is usually so fast as to be almost undetectable): Titian Peel forms a kind of elaborate screen memory that almost instantly obscures other possible origins for "Tish." And of course the screening memories are more elaborate and more "charged" (or "cathected" to use a translation of one of Freud's terms -- Besetzung -- a check on Wikipedia reveals) because of their screening function or structure or origin.

This is of course one of the perils of re-reading: your interests from the period of your earlier reading get pushed forward and obscure the present reading -- maybe in a worthwhile way, but also just as noise.

Apparently Titian Peale was Titian Peale not Titian Peel.