View Full Version : Writing noob looking for a beta reader for 4 short stories

03-26-2013, 08:09 AM
I've recently gotten the chance to write down four short stories and I'm looking for a kind beta to give me some feedback.

The first two stories I feel fairly good about. I actually aspire to submit them somewhere. But lol of course the ego is never perfectly in tune with reality.

The kind of feedback I'm looking for with all these stories is just your honest reaction to them. Of course constructive criticism will help me be a better writer so that's always welcome.

First story:

A tale a friendship, love and broken bonds. I'm not sure if it counts as a novella I'm leaning towards it being a short story.

Genre: Humor/drama

Warning: Contains sexual references, some Rated R language

Size: 17,000 words.

Second story:

Very short fic about an odd occurrence involving a landlord and a hole in the floor

Genre: humor

Size: 419 words

Third story:

This story I'm not feeling as strong about but it might have the most potential to be something more. It's a brief look at some of the thoughts of the last man on earth

Genre: Sci-fi-ish

Size: 557 words.

Fourth story:

This is actually the first original story I have ever written. I wrote it a number of years ago, so I thought I'd dust it off and see if can stand on its own two feet.

The story is about how a cowboy legend came to be.

Genre: western

Size: 4.478 words.

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help