View Full Version : Danish animation, leaping lightly over language barriers

Manuel Royal
03-20-2013, 04:19 AM
I received a link to this: The Reward (https://vimeo.com/58179094). It's from The Animation Workshop in Denmark. It's gone viral, as they say, and they've raised enough with Kickstarter to plan a series.

A very entertaining nine minutes. Made me think of the Fafhrd and Gray Mouser stories. Strings together a lot of fantasy tropes, establishes distinct characters, weaves together drama and comedy -- all with images, sound effects, and music. No translation needed.

03-21-2013, 02:59 AM
I really liked that, especially the moral of the story. And the trope montages cracked me up. Riding narwhales. . . There's one we don't really see enough.