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Dear writers,

In the book I am writing, there is a pregnancy that is going on within the book. But there within the pregnancy, there is a complication that goes on within the book which I need to ask about. This is where I would like to ask midwives and obstetricians, so I'd appreciate it if you could jut answer a few questions.

Within the main book, the main characters mother Mary, was going through her fifth pregnancy, having suffered at least four miscarriages, one of them involving twins. All of the miscarriages were bought on around the fourth month. It is around May, in her sixth month of pregnancy, that dark magic is used against Mary to bring on eclampsia.

What would have to be done in able to help Mary? What would be done to look after the baby and what complications would happen afterwards? Just asking for detailed answers and feel free to ask for more!

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I'm not an expert, but I can tell you my experience.

When I started showing signs of eclampsia...i.e. elevated blood pressure and edema, my midwife had me increase my protein intake. This worked miracles. It is based on the "Blue Ribbon Baby Diet" by Dr. Brewer. You can read success stories that might provide some helpful details :) Here:


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If you Google preeclampsia, (which are the symptoms of eclampsia), and eclampsia, it will give you all the info you need and then some Waylander was nice and posted links.

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Eclampsia = pre-eclampsia plus seizures

Eclampsia is a major cause of illness and death in the developing world but in a modern first world country is now very rare. Pre-eclampsia is much more common. If a woman is getting decent pre-natal care, and the pre-eclampsia is treated, it doesn't progress to eclampsia. I've only seen eclampsia once, in a seventeen-year old who was pretending to the world, and herself, that she wasn't pregnant.

Treatment of pre eclampsia is basically reduce the blood pressure and deliver the baby.

Six months is early to develop pre-eclampsia but it can happen. It is very early to have to deliver a baby. Baby would definitely go to the NICU and is likely to have "complications of prematurity", something else you can google.