View Full Version : Looking For a Beta to Help with Plot

Miz Erie
02-24-2013, 07:46 AM
Let me start with this: my story is basically a horror twisted with a psycho thriller. It contains (graphic) M/M rape and violence. If you don't mind these two things, please read on.

I recently posted the first bit of my story in the SYW, and I found out I have a lot of work to do. What I'm looking for is someone to read the 38,000 words I have now and help me figure out what to keep, what to edit out, and how to incorporate some details into the story. My ideal person would be willing to have conversations with me about this WIP, maybe chapter by chapter. I am NOT looking for line-by-line critiques.

This is my first novel that I am trying to have published, however I have been writing for a while. I have decent grammar and spelling, so the MS isn't full of mistakes. At this point there are some things I know I have to change, which I am happy to talk about beforehand so you know what you are gettting into. I know I'm going to be rewriting a good bit of this story, but I believe there are good chunks that are salvageable.

I have yet to grow my thick skin, but I have made tremendous progress in the last week/two weeks since I received my first critique. I'm not looking for anyone to sugar coat things, but it would be nice if you are willing to be polite.

If anyone is willing to help me out, you can reply here or PM me. I'd prefer to correspond via private email once we decide if we can work with each other.

Thanks for reading!