View Full Version : Beta/Critique Needed YA Urban Fantasy (want to swap, have experience)

Receding Waters
02-20-2013, 08:46 AM
Hi All,

I've recently finished version four of a 78K YA Urban Fantasy novel I wrote this year, and I'm at the stage in the game where I'd like some eyes on it. When I say "version" I actually mean substantial edits and changes, however, I'm sure some more needs to be done to it. My hope is to share work with someone who can go wide and narrow things down with their feedback. I'm not line-editing, yet, but I'd like to say I'm almost there, so the wide and narrow would be general plot pros and cons, chapter-by-chapter character development, logical incongruities that need to be straightened out, etc...

If you're interested please message me on this thread or PM me. Finding a good match is important, so we could start out small, a chapter at first, and then go from there. I'm a fast reader and like all writers when it comes to their work, a bit neurotic. I've got thick-skin, and when I'm working with someone in this fashion I do make it a priority to give their work my full attention and thoughtful feedback.

Let me know if you're interested.


I short description of the piece
Like many seventeen year olds, Justen Rhinehart hates his job, but unfortunately he sees no way out of the deal he made with his boss ninety-seven years ago on a German battlefield. Truman isn't like normal bosses, though. He's a creature that even the other denizens of the supernatural fear, one that’s given Justen a job he can’t stop. He grants hopes and dreams in exchange for the one delicacy that he loves to devour—the soul.
As a Reaper Justen collects the debts people owe Truman, but when his latest assignment is to reap the souls of a family of four he somehow manages to fight the compulsion to finish the job. This action shows Justen that he still has a will of his own, that he isn’t controlled by the deal he made, but Truman doesn’t see it that way. Given an ultimatum, Justen must choose between his life and the ones he spared.
A raven with a bad attitude and an inebriated angel pull Justen even further off course when they offer a new path, one that may give him a way out if Justen’s brave enough to choose it. Now one who has spent more than a lifetime hunting souls will be given the chance to protect them, but can he save his own in the process?