View Full Version : Explaining the Novel Outline

02-02-2006, 03:41 PM
An outline of a novel is basically called a Chapter-by-Chapter Outline

In fact it isn't an outline in the A, B, C, 1. 2. 3. a, b, c -- type of outline you learned in school.

A Chapter-by-Chapter Outline -- Novel Outline -- or -- Chapter-by-Chapter Synopsis is actually the following:

A short 1 - 2 paragraph synopsis of each chapter - with the beginning, any key plots, character introductions and the chapter ending spelled out.

Each chapter goes on a separate page, double spaced.

A good example of one is in the book:

Formatting & Submitting your Manuscript -- 2nd edition

by Cynthia Laufenberg and the Editors of Writer's Digest Books

Page #134 with examples on pages 136-137

The reason agents and/or editors ask for this is: they want to see if you can follow through with your plots and they want to see how the story evolves through the chapters.