View Full Version : Would you, could you, be my friend?

01-20-2013, 06:33 PM
After a long break from writing, and a lot of soul searching, I am gearing up restart my first draft of my WIP. Yesterday I scrapped my previous attempts and wrote 1138 words. Some of you may recognize my name and be thinking"Oh, no, she is crying wolf again." But something feels different this time. I have really thought a lot about why it just wasn't working, and realized I was trying to write the story for a different audience than I intended. Meaning I was going all light and fluffy when I should have stayed true to my vision and been more dark and gritty.

I have a renewed commitment to getting this first draft done. But I know me, and without someone to spur me on, I will lag. So, once again, I am on here looking for a writing buddy/sounding board/accountability partner.

My WIP is mixed genre-sci fi/fantasy and very adult. My intention is to put it out as a web serial once I get it finished. The plot is a bit complicated to try and sum it up in a few paragraphs, but basically it is the story of 4 women who end up on another planet, and get drawn into the schemes of several different factions. Sword and sorcery mixed with tech. Dragons and unicorns, and yes a few vampires pop up too. This is a bit vague I know, so if you need more details before deciding, let me know.

There will be romance, but that will not be the main focus. There will be sex and violence. I may be politically incorrect at times. Same sex relationships will be present. So I am looking for someone who is open minded.

My main purpose in posting here is to find someone who can commit to a long term writing buddy relationship. I write better when I have someone to discuss things with, and bounce ideas off. I have a much more stable work schedule now, so I will be mainly writing in the afternoons.

PM me here to get more details, and my email address. It is easier for me to correspond in email than PM's here.