View Full Version : YA Epic Fantasy Writer Seeking Critique Partner

01-20-2013, 12:27 PM
I write sweary YA and am a fan of the near-miss-kiss (kisses, in general, really).
I'm balancing two WiP's currently, but my main focus is the YA Fantasy project.

A little info:
The manuscript is called BREAK. It's completed (at about 90k) and in it's 3rd round of revisions.
It's about 16-year-old Karsten Summers, who discovers her ability to Break into and manipulate the dreams of others in any way she chooses, in addition to learning her father’s kept this a secret from her all her life. While simultaneously managing the "normal" aspect of her life (social cliques; the dark secret of her high school crush, Noah; the death of her parents; recovering from self-harm habits) Karsten must learn the ins-and-outs of her power and choose how she’ll use it—for the people who are like her, the society of Breakers, or for the Aphotix, a team of nightmare-inducing scum, who promise to show Karsten what real power is like.

Tiny bio:
I'm un-agented (for now), but serious about my writing (and I'll be serious about yours too if we decide to hop in bed together and become CP lovers).

**Looking for someone who can help spot any plot holes, flat characters or tell me where my story gets boring**

PM me for email, if interested, that is :)