View Full Version : Two messed-up kids: a glimpse.

01-13-2013, 04:21 AM
These are two individuals I can't get out of my head.
The time is the future, and the 1980s have been resurrected.
Molly Ringwald, 18. She is clad in a long, green London trenchcoat with a hood, blue jeans, old untied sneakers. Underneath she wears a white t-shirt with a peculiar design. It is a frowning smiley face.
Molly walks, in very slow motion, down a dark sidewalk. It is past curfew. It is raining. It always rains in this city.
In the distance, Molly can hear the sirens of police spinners. They don't give a damn.
Anthony Michael Hall, also 18, has a patch over his right eye. He is America's son, a prodigy in the field of science; a man of the future. He is adored, famous. Molly is damaged goods, despised at school. As Molly walks the dingy streets below, Anthony Michael Hall looks down on this urban jungle with a Kubrick stare from his office.
There is something almost absurd about this city. Something sickening, pathetic. Humanity has so much wasted potential. I am perfect, yet they are not. They cling to their selfishness, the morals invented to keep us caged.
Anthony Michael Hall smiles. He has a plan. He always does.
There are a few kids who follow Anthony Michael Hall. They see him as a father, a Big Brother, the greatest friend on this crappy, dying planet.
He has plans alright.