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01-09-2013, 07:45 AM
I think I've revised this MS a million times. I've gotten a few requests for fulls, but no offers. One agent asked me to revise this MS and cut my characters a few breaks. I'm looking for two or three betas with a fairly quick turn around rate. I'm in the middle of beta reading for someone else at the moment, but I'm willing to swap.

I'm not looking for line edits. Just general feedback about the story and the characters—ie, if it makes you want to throw the MS against the wall when you finish reading it.

Be warned, there's sex, drugs, and more sex in this MS. It's also written in 1st person present. If any of the above turns you off, this is not the MS for you. Shoot me a PM if you're interested. Your help is much appreciated.

Here's the query:
Eighteen-year-old Zach Amasawa has seen his share of suicide. When he was eight, his brother pulled a Hemingway in their living room. At seventeen, his girlfriend, June, tried to imitate Plath, hours after she took his virginity. Like everything June does, she failed, but Zach feels like the guilty one. And now that June’s back, he’ll do anything to help her. Anything short of resuming their relationship.

June, however, didn’t get the memo. In her mind, she’s still with her “beloved” boyfriend. Said boyfriend spent the last eight months burying his guilt in sex. And during his fuck to forget crusade, he hooked up with his best friend, Rachel. Rachel, who’s always been there for him, who he never should’ve kissed. That night was supposed to be a one-time thing, and he can’t stop wishing it was more.

Dating Rachel will make him happier than he’s been in months, but if he dumps June, he might as well pull the trigger.

FIVE CENTIMETERS PER SECOND is a 50,000-word YA novel. It will appeal to fans of Courtney Summers or Stephen Chbosky. I’ve previously been published in Underground Voices. Thank you for your time and consideration.