View Full Version : Beta (s) needed for a competition entry

01-08-2013, 01:09 AM
Hi all,

I'm preparing an entry for a novel competition, and could really use some fresh perspective on the piece. I'm sending in the first 3,000 words of the novel and a 1,000 word synopsis, but I've been working so intensely on it that it's really hard to judge it now.

I still need to chop it down a bit so the writing sample is a little over 4,000 at the moment and the synopsis is about 1,200. I'm looking for overall reactions to the piece, if you'd be intrigued enough to read on, and in particular, if the MC comes across well enough, is there enough of his character coming through the text. With the synopsis, I'm just generally looking for impressions again, if it makes sense and if the story sounds appealing from the text, things like that. Basically anything that might help is greatly appreciated, and of course, I'm happy to return the favour.

The story is a crime / mystery with a near future setting, so slightly SF but no aliens or anything.

PM if interested and thanks in advance.