View Full Version : Pricing of article collection

12-09-2012, 12:11 AM
Right now I am at the verge of releasing my very first digital tome and quite excited to say the least. However I am finding difficulty in giving my work an approriate price.

I will only release it as an eBook and it is called "Sexy Knowledge for Clever Bastards".
Basically it is a tiny grab-bag of articles about different topics like psychology, written in a humorous, leisurely style.

Although the work is rather short (39 pages in Word, 19.000 words) It took me quite a while to do all the research for it and I would be very sad to release it for 99 cents or so.

If you like I might post an example of an article in this forum so you get a better idea. But do you think it would be fair to charge 2.99$ for a book this?