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12-06-2012, 12:09 PM
I'll take anything I can get. I'd just really love to share my work with someone and improve. (: The genre is YA contemporary, told in alternating POVs. For the most part it's humorous. I can almost guarantee that it will make you laugh out loud . . . in a good way of course. But if you were laughing at my grammar I probably wouldn't be very offended.

Drew Dailey can't wait for college. Day two of summer, and she's already packing her bags. More than anything she wants to escape . . . to get away from her parents—far, far away. Not because they suck or anything, but because they're perfect. Drew hates being pressured to fit the mold they've bestowed upon her. She's more interested in sneaking out at night and drinking alcohol that she's not old enough to buy. She wants to be reckless. Out of control. This of course involves spending time rolling around in bed with the guy that she's 'just friends' with. What's that thing they say about falling in love? The more you resist, the faster you fall.

Carter Darling has a short attention span and an overactive imagination. It's no surprise that her quirky charm catches the eye of local bad boy, Price Matthews. But that's the kind of thing she's avoiding . . . sprinting in the opposite direction of actually. Not that she can run fast or anything. Not after injuring her kneeduring her senior year of high school. Inevitably squashing all possibilities of an athletic scholarship to college. Now she's more worried about telling her dad that she doesn't want to go to college in the fall. Not at all. Oh, and trying to get her own mother to answer her phone calls, but that's another story.

"We shouldn't be doing this," I say.
"Well, we are." Carter stands four feet from me, strumming her fingers and playing air guitar, wearing a scratchy scarf that her grandma gave her when she was nine. I know I should tell her no. Tell her to stop dancing and take off the wool, because we live in Texas, and it's eighty-five degrees outside. But I don't.
I don't, but I should have. Because the night crashed and burned from there.

If you're interested send me a PM. Email works too. You can get a hold of me here - melissa.guinn@live.com

12-06-2012, 06:38 PM
Sent you a PM :)