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11-27-2012, 05:23 AM
From Deadspin (http://deadspin.com/5963323/drawn-by-the-scent-of-death-and-decay-coyotes-prowl-wrigley-field)

The headline sets the tone excellently:

Drawn By The Scent Of Death And Decay, Coyotes Prowl Wrigley Field

11-27-2012, 06:50 AM
Oh, baseball fans. . . . I know Cubs fans . . . it hurts to watch them.

The Cubs have now succeeded the Red Sox for the Gold Medal in long-term futility. It isn't just that they haven't won the World Series in a century. They have largely been a lousy team throughout those decades, with occasional spikes of better, but never truly excellent. The closest they've come, at least in my lifetime, is twice: First, 1969, when they blew a big lead in the National League to the Miracle Mets. Second, a few years ago, in the infamous Bartman moment, where fan Steve Bartman screwed up the probable catch of a foul ball for a third out. That game gets remembered only for that moment, but not for the next one, when the same batter hit a routine groundball that rolled through the legs of the shortstop, thereby prolonging the inning, and everything fell apart at that point.

What the Cubs should be memorialized for is horrible trades (Lou Brock for Ernie Broglio) and, more recently, disastrous ridiculously expensive long-term free-agent signings (Carlos Zambrano, Alfonso Soriano). Oh, yeah, and managers ruining potentially great pitchers (Kerry Wood, Mark Prior) by overpitching them at young ages.

There have been other long-history teams who have overcome decades of badness to achieve success and championships in recent years (the Red Sox and Phillies come to mind). Even the Marlins, a new expansion team with probably the worst owner in baseball, have managed two . . . TWO World Series championships in the past 13 years.

What really has to pick at the Great Scab covering the festering wound for Cubs fans is that, aside from the New York Yankees, who has won the most World Series championships ever?

The St. Louis Cardinals. And that includes twice in the last seven years.