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11-12-2012, 02:30 AM
Hey AW

I am in need of a beta for a 30k sci-fi romance novella. It could be considered YA, but possibly because my MC is eighteen (one previous beta said adult, another said it fit better as YA). The sci-fi isn't hard-core. There is no sex, just tons of tension. It is a bit on the dark side, but no mass murders.

As for a swap, I will read almost anything that has romance, except epic fantasy. I'll even take erotica (I write it under another pen name). Don't worry if your WIP is longer than mine, if I'm into the story I don't mind doing something longer.

I would also like this to be a buddy kind of relationship. I have two sequels planned, so it would be nice to have someone to ride it out with me. Also if we could chit-chat about writing, even ideas and plot bunnies, that'd be great but not a must.

PM if interested with your query. Look forward to hearing from you.

(My blurb is a WIP in its own right :))
As an infant, Esther is left on a doorstep. Her life is normal until a get-together with her best friend. When she’s hurt, Esther burns his chest with one touch of her hand. A year later, Esther is forbidden to leave her house from fear that it will happen again. When her tutor is anything but nice to her mother, Esther’s rage explodes, literally. She’s blows up her house, killing her mother and tutor.
Twelve years and incident free, Esther’s chaotic life calms down. Then she loses it again in front of her foster parents. Esther runs away, and when she returns her foster parents have abandoned her, leaving only a box of clothes and a few dollars. She’s forced to move into a homeless shelter. Esther tries her best to make the most of it, all while hoping the burning inside her never happens again.
While out for an afternoon lunch, Esther meets Ryn, a man who knows why Esther has power over fire, she, like him, is an Elemental. But his intentions are not good. He vows to kill Esther, one of the last remaining Elementals as a duty to his master. By sheer luck, Esther almost kills Ryn. Three days later Ryn and his partner, Dismia, come back for revenge. But Dismia has different orders: to erase Ryn and Esther, the last of their kind. The two must team up to defeat him, but a stronger, more powerful enemy is on his way to Earth. For Esther and Ryn, training is their only option for survival. But the stronger their powers become, the closer they are to each other.
Elementals is a 30,000-word sci-fi romance novella. It is the first in the series Elementals.