View Full Version : The X Factor

11-01-2012, 06:38 PM
Anyone watching? I started out watching the British version on YouTube and gave the American one a try. It seems to be gaining better traction this year, but it's still early.

A lot of people complain they don't focus on the singing like other shows, but I think the production aspect is more realistic. I mean really, no pop stars today just stand on a stage alone and sing. There are backgrounds and props and bands and background singers and dancers, so I think it's cool they're introducing these contestants to that early on. It will be interesting to see if the American X Factor artists do as well as the UK artists. (Leona Lewis, One Direction, Cher Lloyd).

So, last night was the first live show and I think some artists soared and some belly flopped. Sister C sounded amazing, Emblem 3 rocked it, Lyric 145 did a great job, and Carly has an amazing voice.

Beatrice Miller and David Corley's songs didn't fit them at all. I love their voices and I hope they stick around to show off what they can really do.

The others just didn't sound great. CeCe sounded terrible! Of course I don't like her and was hoping she'd suck. I don't think she's going anywhere though.