View Full Version : Cowriter wanted for fantasy/sf project

01-21-2006, 06:20 AM
I've completed several novels. I haven't made that first sale yet but I'm knowledgeable about the writing trade, and I've got a good work ethic. I can also spell and fact check, though I'll admit I sometimes struggle with punctuation!

I've learned I'm one of those writers who writes best in a collaborative setting, so I'm prospecting around for a cowriter. I love the whole brainstorming process, and seem to come up with my best work when I'm writing as part of a team. I have some nebulous ideas in mind at the moment, and one or two specific ones, but I would rather talk to a potential cowriter to see if we're on the same page rather than just throwing ideas out here wildly.

Generally speaking, though, I like urban fantasy, paranormal fantasy, space opera, and I happen to like to set fantasy stories in an industrial revolution setting. I prefer to work from a very detailed outline when cowriting, with the scenes divvied up between me and my partner.

I can take harsh critiques with grace; I also tend to GIVE critiques in a blunt fashion. I'm not mean, but I will say what needs to be said if it'll make for a better book.

If you're interested in tossing some ideas back and forth with me to see if we'll click, you can e-mail me at leva@firefox.org or ICQ me at 6071216 in the evenings, Arizona time. Please note that I'll want to see an example of your writing in the form of a completed novel. Please don't take offense at this, it's just that I've learned to check credentials before comitting to a project. Ideas are easy. Good writing style is not.

(I will be happy to e-mail you the completed version of my latest novel to reciprocate.)