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10-16-2012, 12:20 AM
Book summary:

Emily Hayes isn’t human–and she has no idea.

On her first day of college, Emily meets Thomas Paige, the reigning hottie on campus and perfection personified…until he opens his mouth and his douchetastic nature reveals itself. Emily vows to stay away from him, but Thomas has this uncanny ability to show up everywhere, and he’s even being…nice. Something’s clearly off, but Emily can’t even begin to guess the magnitude of his secret: he’s a centuries old ex-soldier in a hidden race of immortals’ civil war.

Thomas, exiled unto the human race for abandoning his post, immediately recognizes Emily as an immortal. When he questions her motives for living among humans, she blows him off and plays dumb. The beautiful, infuriating girl stays on Thomas’s mind, nagging at him until he digs into her background and finds that Emily was adopted by humans and knows nothing of her true genealogy. Fueled by intrigue and his growing attraction towards her, he decides to guide Emily through her transition into immortality–even if it means groveling his way into her good graces.

The Hidden is 115k words, and contains foul language/explicit sex. I'm looking for a beta who enjoys romance novels, and I'm willing to beta for you in return, although your book doesn't necessarily have to be romance. I'm looking for someone to point out possible plot holes, and I want your general impression of the book--what you liked or didn't like and why. If we swap, I prefer .mobi files since I have a Kindle, but a pdf is fine. My book is available in these formats: .mobi, .epub, pdf, and Word.

I'm a stay-at-home mom and read pretty fast, so I can have your book knocked out in a week or less. I understand that most of you have day jobs and families, but I need someone who will get back to me in a relatively timely manner (i.e. not in two months). If you want to swap the first few chapters to see if our writing styles "click", that's fine. Thanks in advance to anyone that replies!

10-16-2012, 12:32 AM
Finding a beta involves finding someone you can trust and work with, for both participants.

Having your second post on the forum be one asking for a beta is problematic for you and the prospective beta, because neither of you knows anything about the other.

I'd suggest posting and reading a lot more.

I'd also suggest that once you reach 50 posts you post an excerpt in SYW, for crit.

You'll have much more response that way to finding a beta.