View Full Version : Help me get into college absolute! Personal Statement

10-09-2012, 04:26 PM
Big request guys!

I'm finally applying to go to university because I never went due to having CFS for a long while and this is the first time I've felt I can actually go! Exciting!

I need to write a personal statement which basically just says how amazing I am an why I'm suited for the course etc. and apparently if you're applying through schools you get extensive help from teachers that know all the right things when it comes to personal statements but alas I am applying on my lonesome so I just don't really know if I'm hitting the right spot.

If ANYONE could offer a little bit of time to read over it and see if it flows and perhaps give me some comments about what I should be putting in that I'm not and such, I would be so appreciative, especially if you're a teacher that knows about writing personal statements or a student that's gone through the same process recently.

If you feel willing to help please PM me