View Full Version : Beta Reader Needed for YA Dystopian/romance

10-07-2012, 11:21 PM
Hi all!

I am looking for a beta ready for a YA dystopian (I know, I know..) romance. I'm just about finished with draft two, and I'd really like someone to take a look before I add my finishing touches and look into publishing. The novel currently stands at 90,000 words, but I'm re-working the very end so it could end up either a bit shorter or longer.

Basic premise is member of the ruling class falls in love with one of the sub-class and they end up starting a revolution together.

I'm really looking for someone to give general thoughts on characters, plot, voice etc. (although if you're more into line by line, go for it! I have a bad habit of rough transitions and using the same phrases over and over.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated! If you want to just take a look at the first couple chapters to get a feel, let me know. Thanks

Full disclosure: the last 15,000 words or so are not beta-quality ready. They were, then I decided the end was crap and have started re-writing it.