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01-19-2006, 03:58 AM
Hi everyone!

Pittsburgh Magazine came through with a review of Stories of Strength in its February issue. I received a copy from the book review editor in today’s mail. Not sure if it’s on the stands yet.

While a good review for SOS, I do wish she had called Ray and me before printing. Though I wish all she said were true, I do not have two books published. I can only guess that because excerpts from my novels won in two contests, she assumed they were published. I’d better hurry up and get a few sales to live up to this.

I’ve typed the review to post here because the February issue isn’t online yet.

Books: recent releases
By Lisa Kellar
Stories of Strength

In the midst of the unspeakable disaster Hurricane Katrina, writers from across the country gathered together in the unconfined spaces of the World Wide Web in attempts to make sense of the aftermath. The result of these people reaching out to one another, sharing their common love for writing along with their heartache, is the compilation of essays called Stories of Strength. Two local writers lent their talents to the absolutewrite.com anthology, for which all profits benefit disaster-relief charities. In Joanne D. Kiggins’ essay, “Perseverance,” she recalls the experience of having a stroke at the age of 38. For a woman who had already accomplished so much at such a young age—publishing thousands of articles and two books, copyrighting and teaching her own course on freelance writing, and being named 1990 Beaver County Times Woman of the Year—a debilitating stroke was not in her plans. It was as if everything she ever knew about writing was lost. In her essay, she recalls her determination that eventually brought her to stand in front of a classroom again and provides optimism and hope to the readers.

Another essay penned by a local writer is “The Truth About Rains and Floods” by Raymond K. Wong. He writes of the September 2004 flooding of the three rivers. He found himself trapped, unable to get home in the sudden rainfall. He remembers his travels through the North Hills and his eventual realization that you have to make the best of a bad situation. The other essays contained in Stories of Strength are ones of adversity, loss and endurance. With the proceeds going toward disaster relief, this book is definitely worth the money and the time spent reading it, making you feel good all the way around. Stories of Strength is available for purchase at lulu.com.

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OK then neighbor! You is upping the ante! I gots to get me some reviews here in Ohiah.
Great going!

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