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09-28-2012, 12:39 AM
Here goes round two! So, I've received my first round of beta feedback and have been hard at work adding revisions to my MS. I'm now looking for some fresh eyes to read it, and I'd be more than willing to swap with anything YA.

Why do you want to swap with me?
Let me tell you :) I'm a dedicated beta, and I've never abandoned or not finished a beta read. Ever. I enjoy reading and making critiques, and I can do anything from large-spectrum comments (plot, pacing, characters, etc.) to line edits. I was an English major with a concentration in Technical Writing, so I have a ton of experience with grammar and making edits. I was actually a copy editor for a local non-fiction author for two years while I was in college.

What am I looking for?
Someone to read my story like a plain ole reader. What parts were exciting? Boring? Heart wrenching? Unrealistic? How's the pacing? Characters? etc. etc. etc. So, basically "large-spectrum" comments.

A little about my story
When 15-year-old orphan Lia Stone is sold as a servant to a wealthy estate, the last thing she expects is to find herself fleeing from two strangers intent on kidnapping her from her new residence. And she definitely didn't think she would be rescued by Tristan, the gorgeous and reckless Prince of Elder himself.

Lia soon finds herself immersed in the court life of the Elder Nobility, six royal families who lost their supernatural gifts in a fight with a powerful rebel leader during Great Rebellion over fifteen years ago. When mysterious strangers continue to pursue her, Lia beings to work together with the courtiers to figure out what really happened in the rebellion so long ago, why it's happening again, and, most of all, why they are intent on capturing her. In a race to find a lost secret of the past, will Lia discover the truth before it's too late?

PM me or comment on here if you're interested. Thanks!

09-28-2012, 06:41 AM

This is my first day here, but I'm no stranger to doing critiques. I have a 62k Drama/Action that needs a fresh pair of eyes. I don't know if you'd count it as a YA, though that's probably what the audience would be.

I'll PM you with more details.