View Full Version : Betas for Upper MG/Lower YA Superhero

09-09-2012, 07:58 PM
Hi, I'm looking for beta readers for my superhero WIP. It's been beta'd by two people. I'm looking for anything, from grammar to plot problems, to believability and characterization. Anything you can offer would be much appreciated! :)

I'm willing to swap if you need a beta. Thanks!

Here is a summary:

Fourteen year old Kale Zenith lives in a league of superheroes. Being the son of the leader, and having no powers, he feels he needs to prove himself worthy of being a real hero. When his father gives him an assignment that does not need powers, Kale’s already preparing his How-I-Saved-the-World speech. But this assignment is not what Kale expects at all. He’s got to befriend a lonely, depressed girl who’s months away from destroying the world. Having just one good friend could mean the survival of our planet, but Lindsay’s not making Kale’s job easy. Fame and glory is what keeps Kale going, but friendship and love is what keeps him at her side. Soon his mission is about more than just saving the world.

But while things are going great with Lindsay, all’s not well back at home. A secret plot is brewing inside the League and that could mean the end of all the superheroes. Now it's not only about saving Lindsay, but saving the future of his family.

09-11-2012, 02:16 AM
Still looking :)