View Full Version : Beta wanted for YA Scifi- Will Swap

08-27-2012, 05:14 PM
Looking for a beta and I'm willing to swap, preferably with young adult, scifi or fantasy genres. The young adult scifi is about 75,000 words. PM me if interested!


Those shifter freaks snatched Kara Orris’ parents when she was ten. Only a year ago, they stole her best friend Hunter. And on the eve of her first surface mission against them, they steal her only remaining family, her little sister. Everyone in Subterra knows, once snatched, you never come back.

Kara treks to the surface with her squad to take down the targeted shifters, but when she gets separated from the group, she runs into a familiar friend. Hunter. Saved by a neighboring colony, he survived, which means there’s hope for her baby sister. The mutants have taken too much from her already and she’s sick of cowering underground like the rest of Subterra. Orris girls are fighters. Kara’s ready to storm the surface to get her little sister back, but there are more than shifters to fear on the surface and her home might close the doors on her, permanently.

08-29-2012, 05:59 AM
Hi, I'd be willing to Beta, without swapping (I'm not nearly finished my ms yet).